Recycle a cup for your single serve Keurig cups

My husband and I just got a brand new Keurig this year and we’re in love with how easy it is to make a cup of coffee, a latte or even a cup of hot chocolate for the cold nights in California.  The Keurig machine is pretty much the most amazing machine you can have in your kitchen and with just 1 k-cup you can have a delicious large cup of your favorite beverage.  The Recycle a Cup is the newest accessory for the Keurig and it’s a must have.  The Recycle A Cup is made by Medelco, Incorporated, which is the manufacturer of the One All brand of coffee carafes, kettles and other accessories.

Did you know 41 million people had a single serving coffee today which totaled 2.8 billion cubic feet of waste annually which are not decomposing in the landfills.  It is so important to put the environment first and I, for one, hate throwing all those K-cups away weekly, which is why I’m so excited I found the recycle a cup.  The recycle a cup will be able to recycle, re-use and compost the majority of the K-Cup cartridges, instead of throwing them away.  Aside from recycling can you imagine all of the creative projects you can found on Pinterest to cup K-Cups for?  You’ll be busy for hours browing the web with endless ideas.

If you’re loving this recycle a cup you can save $5.00 off plus score free shipping by using promo code cm4m88 here.  That means you can score the recycle a cup for just $9.99 shipped instead of the retail value of $14.99, what an amazing deal.

Be sure to check out this video of how it works here:

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