Reser’s Fine Foods Side Dishes Review

Aside from running this fantastic blog I’m the mother of 3 little ones, a wife and I work outside of the home 40+ hours a week.  As you can imagine my time is limited for cooking wonderful meals for my family except when I’m home on the weekend.  I am definitely the mom that loves to head over to the fridge or freezer and pop something in the microwave but most of the stuff comes out so blah and my kids won’t even eat it.  When I was browsing for better alternatives to microwave foods I came across Reser’s Fine Foods Side dishes and was drooling over the variety of meals included.  Reser’s Fine Foods can easily be popped into the microwave and be cooked in as little as 5 minutes and served to your family and they’ll think you slaved over the stove for hours. The moment I walk in the door I open the fridge to see what we have on hand grab my favorite side dish for the evening and pop it in the microwave, whip up a few other things and dinner is served.

Scalloped Potatoes

The quality of the Reser’s ready to cook Fine Foods are amazing and I may not eat another brand again.  We got the fantastic opportunity  to test out a few different varities which included Scalloped Potatoes, Macaroni & Cheese, Homemade Stuffing, Raspberry Apple Crisp, Sweet Potatoes and Green bean casserole.  I was shocked out how delicious they looked before they were placed in the microwave and even more shocked when they were removed from the microwave.  From the first bite to the last bite these dishes are delicious and a must have for the upcoming Holidays.  We dished out a few for Thanksgiving and now we’re saving some for Christmas next week.  Now let’s talk favorites.  My ultimate favorite was the Apple Crisp it was so warm and had the perfect amount of seasoning and was the perfect dessert to enjoy on the couch in front of a fire with my husband.  Next runner up was the Scalloped potatoes they were creamy and oh so delicious.  Seriously all these side dishes are delicious and can be purchased right from your local grocer.  What are you waiting for?  Hurry out to the store and grab a delicious side dish.


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