SeaWorld San Diego Celebrating 50th Anniversary Review

Disclosure: I received complimentary entry for this review.  All opinions are my own.


SeaWorld is celebrating their 50th Anniversary and their joining you in for the fun!  It’s been years since I’ve been to Sea World and my family and I recently went this month and things have changed with lots more interaction for the kids with the animals which I love!  With fun for the whole family everyone will love visiting Sea World whether their 6 months old or 90 years old it’s the ideal place for everyone!  Where else can you go and see all the amazing animals Sea World is housing.  We saw Killer Whales, Penguins, Sharks, Sea Turtles, California Sea Lions, Sea Otters, Bottlenose Dolphins, Flamingos, Sting Rays, Walruses and so much more!  So sit back and relax as I tell you ALL about Sea World and the fun to be had!  This trip is all based on Sea World San Diego.


The Shows:

One Ocean featuring “Shamu” and his friends is a 25 minute show.  Sit back in the bleacher, first 12 rows are the splash zone and watch these beautiful mammals shine!  We had the pleasure of watching 3 killer whales perform and boy are they beautiful!  The whales jumped, swam, splashed and got on stage to show off!  Hands down my favorite show since I was a little girl.  This show is great and I’m pretty sure it’s everyones favorite because no where else will you be able to be this close to a Killer whale.


Blue Horizon with the Dolphins is a 23 minute show that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  With Dolphins flying, birds diving and performers diving off high platforms you’ll be intrigued the entire show.  The performance was great, and it was amazing to see a trainer dance with a dolphin in water.  Once again splash zone in full effect for rows 1-12 which I always tend to avoid unless it’s a really hot day!  This show is mythical and a must see.


Sea Lions Live is a 20 minute show that is more personal.  Sit back and get ready to laugh for the entire 20 minutes as Sea Lions Clyde and Seamore put on quite the show for you!  This show is great for little ones and I love that it has a much smaller audience than One Ocean and Blue Horizon.


Pets Rule is a 20 minute show giving you the everyday animals doing tricks.  Enjoy watching dogs, cats, birds and pigs perform for you.  Watch dogs jump through hoops and birds fly through the sky.

The Exhibits:

Shark Encounter – Wonder through a dark tunnel and see different types of sharks from big to small.  Once you walk through the tunnel you will venture through a walk under tunnel where you will be surrounded by Sharks, and it’s so amazing to see these creatures up close and personal.  Savor the moment and look around as a slow moving escalator moves you through the tunnel.  Kids will have a blast.


Dolphin Point – Get up close and personal with the dolphins.  You can the dolphins and watch  them splash around, jump and play.  A hidden under viewing in the corner will allow you to see the animals under water, always a crowd pleaser for the kids.

Penguin Encounter – Watch the penguins interact and if you get lucky on timing you can watch them be fed.  See dolphins both indoors and out and see how they act in their own habitat.  It’s dark and cold for the penguins and it’s so amazing to watch them conversate.


Sesame Street Bay of Play – Let the kids run wild.  Enjoy water fun, slides, tunnels, bridges and more at Sesame Street Bay at play.

Shamu Close Up – Go under water with the Killer Whales and watch them interact with each other.  They’ll swim pass you around and around and it’s amazing to see them so close to you behind glass.  This is such an amazing experience for everyone to see at least one.


The Rides:

SeaWorld has come a long way from when I was a little girl and now are featuring 5 amazing rides to enjoy with the family.


Manta – Ride the Ray and feel the rush as you soar around Sea World like a gliding ray.  Fast motion rollercoaster.

Journey to Atlantis – Take a journey and if you have a fear of heights you may want to think twice about this ride.  With a 60 foot plunge a rollercoaster and water ride become one for an exhilarating ride on the Journey to Atlantis.

Shipwreck Rapids – Up for a little white water rafting, than you’ll love Shipwreck rapids.  You’ll twirl and whirl in your tube style raft and caution you WILL get soaked!  The ride is fun but not recommended if you get motion sickness as you’ll be jerked around and crashed into water.

My experience is always an amazing one at SeaWorld.  From the interaction with the animals, the exhibits, the rides, the shows and the foods it’s an amazing experience I love to share with my children.

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