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In today’s society as parents we’re constantly telling our kids not to get messy, don’t touch that, put that down it’s dirty and we never allow our kids to fully enjoy themselves.  I am guilty of this 100% of the time and am constantly chasing my kids with a bottle of hand sanitizer because there are so many germs at school, the parks, public restrooms, shopping carts and everywhere else.  Did you know we’re overscheduled, overly uptight and under our fun quota by 75% which isn’t allowing us to have the fun we should be having?  Life is short and you never know what can happen so get outside with your kids and get dirty!

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and go outside and let the kids get dirty now you’re stuck with a handful of dirty, stained clothes.  That’s okay Shout products will do the dirty work for you while you sit back and relax the stains will virtually disappear.  Shout is well known for their tough stain removing agents and their always there whenever an expected stain occurs.  With so many amazing products on the market you’re sure to find a Shout product that you love and admire.

Shout Wipe & Go sheets are meant for traveling.  Their small enough to throw in your purse, pocket or diaper bag and whenever a stain happens just grab a sheet, blot the stain and watch it disappear.  No more embarrassment walking around with a food or win stain on your white blouse.  You’ll be amazed by the fast and effective results. Shout Wipes retails for just $2.79.  The Shout color catcher sheets are a must have for any load of laundry that isn’t white. Everytime you wash your colored clothes you risk the chance of red/pink/orange clothing bleeding and turning your lighter clothes a not so pretty color.  The color catcher sheets will grab all the bleeding color and the proof will be on the sheet after every wash.  Shout Color catchers retails for just $4.49.  Shout Set in Stain is perfect for those left over stains whether it’s baby food, an old wine stain, blood or anything else just swipe this product on, give it a gentle rub and watch the stain disappear over time.  Shout Advanced Gel Brush retails for just $3.59.  Last but not least the Shout Triple-Acting spray works on the 1st spray.  Just spray your clothes and throw in the wash you’ll love the results after the cycle is done.  Shout Trigger Spray retails for just $3.29. Shout Products can be found at your local drugstore, grocery store or retail store such as Target or Walmart.

Shout is sponsoring The Color Run in 2014 by helping Americans find their fun that they’ve been missing out on.  From May 5th to September 30th, you can enter to win a fun-filled, dream vacation to experience a Color Run in New Zealand.  Entering is simple just post a photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ShoutItOut #enter of you having some fun.  Send in a picture of you, your spouse or your kids having a really fun time getting dirty!

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