Spider-Man 3D Light FX Night Light #Review


It’s a bird, it’s a plane … NO It’s Spider-Mans hand coming out of my son’s wall!  The newest and coolest nightlights on the market are from 3D Light FX and their going to have your little ones going crazy over the amount of coolness these nightlights pack.  Featuring Marvel characters (Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America), Nickeloden, Nature, Sports, Cars/Jets and stickers and they’ll add the perfect amount decor to any room.  Say goodbye to traditional plug in night lights where the light can be hidden down so low, and say Hello to battery operated, cordless night lights that attach straight to the wall.  My son is a HUGE Spiderman fan and he already has the bedding set so I thought it was only appropriate we grabbed the Spider-Man Hand 3D Deco Light and hung it right above his bed.  This night light easily attached to the wall with 2 screws, and was installed on top of the fun cracked sticker to give the realistic effect of Spider-Man breaking through the wall.  My kids are little enough that they really believe it’s a crack in the wall and they think it’s awesome.


The Spider-Man 3D night light is perfect for my son’s room.  It provides enough light to keep his room dimly lit at night while he’s sleeping and I love that there are no cords or wires involved giving me a piece of mind. Sometimes little kids love to touch things as awesome as this and I’m loving that it never gets to hot to touch.  The selection of night lights is huge over at 3D Light FX and all night lights are affordable and can be found at your local Target stores.  These nightlights are ideal for nurseries, kids room, teenager room and even some adult rooms depending on your style.  The Spider-Man nightlight is priced at just $29.99 and for more info go here.  This company definitely knew what they were doing and I know kids everywhere are going to go crazy for these awesome night lights.

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Features to love:

  • Cordless, battery operated
  • Never gets to hot to touch
  • Green, so you never have to change the light bulb, only the batteries
  • Pairs nicely with the Spider-man head night light
  • Crack sticker gives a realistic look
  • Only takes 2 screws to assemble securely to the wall


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  1. I picked up these marvel hands at www.shirtshak.com Awesome as I couldn't find them anywhere else in Canada, and not paying those ridiculous ebay prices!

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