Sprout Organic Kids Smoothies #Review


Smash Smoothies are the newest products you need in your pantries for your kids!  Their delicious and have amazing ingredients like coconut milk, quinoa and Greek yougury, yummy!  These great-tasting organic squeezable snack pouches well be a real crowd pleaser for your kids!  With a natural source of Vitamin C with no sugar added, artifical ingredients or preservatives you’ll know first hand your kids are getting only the best for snacks.  Traveling with these BPA-free pouches is so easy.  When you’re heading out the door just grab a pouch or two for the kids and let them eat on the go.  Each pouch contains one full serving of fruit and their delicious.  My 3 and 4 year old guzzled them down in no time and asked for more.  These products are available at Babies R Us, Walgreens and Amazon!  Pick up a 5 pack of these delicious goodness Sprout Kids Smoothies for only $10.92 Shipped with Amazon Prime!  Sprout Organic Foods make products for babies, toddlers and kids and you can see the entire line here.

We Received for review:

  • Peach & Banana Coconut Milk Smoothie
  • Cherry & Apple Coconut Milk Smoothie
  • Banana & Berry Coconut Milk Smoothie
  • Morning Energizer Smoothie (Tropical Orange) — This one was my kids favorite, yummy
  • Morning Supergrain Smoothie (Honey Banana)
  • and Crispy Chews which are a great alternative to the traditional fruit snacks.

My kids and I loved the Sprout Organic Smoothie line and we’ll definitely be purchasing more soon! I’d love to hear what you think about their products when you try them!

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