Staying Fit while the kids nap with 10 easy tips

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Staying Fit While the Kids Nap


How many moms out there take advantage of naptime to get a few chores done around the house? It’s the perfect time of day to do this since your children aren’t following you around making messes where you just cleaned. However, using this free time to clean can make it harder for you to get a good workout in. Since staying fit is just as important as maintaining a clean house, you need to find a way to fit both of these activities into that short naptime. These tips for staying fit while the kids nap are perfect for squeezing in a workout while cleaning your home.

#1 Use the Stairs

You’d be surprised at how many people pay gym memberships just to jump on the stair machine when they have perfectly good flights of stairs at home. If your kids are napping and you’re ready to fit a good workout in, don’t forget to use the stairs. Any time you have to use the stairs, run up and down the flight an extra time. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to do it without getting winded!

#2 Toy Squats

We all know how messy kids can get. There’s always at least one toy that gets left on the ground. While picking your kids’ toys off the floor, do it in the squat position. Stand behind the toy with your feet slightly apart and slowly lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Once you’re in the squatting position, reach down and grab the toy before slowly going back up.

#3 Vacuuming Lunges

Lunges are a great way to add some muscle and get rid of fat in your legs and rear. Since you’ve just performed those toy squats and everything is picked up off the floor, try some vacuuming lunges. As you push the vacuum around the room, perform a lunge with each step. You’ll love the end result, both in your body and in your clean home.

#4 Side Reach Windows

This might not be an everyday chore, but those grubby little fingers tend to leave streaks on the windows. Whenever you’re in the mood to get out some Windex and clean the windows, get ready for some side reaches. To do this. Stand sideways next to the window you’re going to clean. With the hand furthest away from the window, grab the cleaner and reach over your head to squirt the window. Repeat the same step with your paper towel to wipe the cleaner away. For the next window, do the exact same thing but switch sides.

#5 Calf Raises with the Dishes

It’s time to do a few of those dishes! For this exercise, you’ll need to wash your dishes, either by hand or with the dishwasher. After your dishes are cleaned, get ready to put them away. For each dish, stand up on your toes until you can feel the stretch in your calves. After you put the dish away, slowly lower your heels down until you’re standing flat on the floor again. Do one calf raise per dish until your entire load is put away.

#6 Kitchen Floor Cardio Cleanup

Ready to get started on that kitchen floor? Place two, damp rags on the floor, step on them, and be prepared to sweat. What you will do is stand on the two rags in a slight squatting position. You will then move your right foot side to side to scrub that spot on the floor. After a few swipes, do the same with your left foot. Each time you complete a set, move to another spot until your entire kitchen floor is gleaming.

#7 Grocery List Sit-Ups

After your kitchen is all cleaned up, you probably have groceries on your mind. Your grocery list can be a workout when you write the list doing sit-ups. Fasten your grocery list to the wall or refrigerator at eye level. Position yourself in front of the list and complete a sit-up. With each sit-up, you can write down one item on your grocery list. Within a few minutes, your grocery list will be done and your abs will feel more toned.

#8 Folding Laundry Wall Sits

Anytime you have laundry to fold, try this intense exercise. Place your laundry basket next to you and start a wall sit. Fold your clothes while in the position and place the folded item on a table or chair next to you. Fold as many pieces of clothing as you can until you can’t stay in the position any longer. Take a quick break to put away the clothes you just folded and then do another wall sit. Continue this until all of your laundry is folded and put away.

#9 Laundry Basket Squats

Another great way to get a workout in while doing laundry is to perform some laundry basket squats. Holding your full laundry basket out in front of you, slowly squat down. Try to hold the lowered position for a few seconds before slowly standing back up again. Do this a few times before putting your laundry away.

#10 Take a Break!

After all of those chores and quick exercises, you’re probably exhausted. Take these last few minutes before your kids wake up to lie down yourself… but don’t just lie there, do something! Do some leg lifts, bicycle kicks, or hip-lift progressions until you feel like you’ve burned some calories.

 There you have it. These 10 great ways to stay fit while the kids nap also allow you to get all of those pesky chores done. When your kids wake up from their nap, your house will be sparkling clean and you’ll feel refreshed and energized. 

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  1. I'm a typical mom who spends kid's nap time to clean and I guess it's time to break that habit. Grocery list sit ups is kinda unusual but somehow it's enjoyable, it's a good try. I just hope that those awake wouldn't find me strange doing all of these. Haha! Thanks for sharing your tips!

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