Summer BBQ shopping at ALDI

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Summer BBQ shopping at ALDI

With Memorial Day right around the corner I was super excited to finally get a chance to shop at the newest ALDI location in Southern California.  Lucky for me it was only about a 10 minute drive and they had every single item I needed for my big Summer BBQ.  Upon arrival I was intrigued by using a quarter to release the carts to be able to move around the store.  You place a quarter in the shopping cart and you get it back at the end of your shopping trip with a great incentive to return your cart back to its proper location.

Once I got my cart I was ready to shop and fill it up with both kids in tow the shopping trip went fairly easy and quickly.  We grabbed 10 lbs of All Natural 90% Lean Ground Sirloin to make our homemade hamburgers, 3 packs of Parkview Hot Dogs, tons of Kirkwood Chicken Drumsticks (the price on these were insanely low), SimplyNature® Sweet Potato Chips, L’Oven Fresh Hot Dog Buns, beverages and of course lots of watermelons and SimplyNature® Organic Strawberries.  The watermelons were huge and we’re only $1.49 for the entire thing, that is a steal you won’t find anywhere else.  The products were fresh, the prices were very low and the selection was perfect.  Our BBQ is going to be a success and we didn’t even have to break the bank account to make it happen.  We’ll be shopping at ALDI’s for all of our upcoming family gatherings, will you?


When it comes to shopping, I LOVE IT! However, grocery shopping has a whole new meaning in my life. Ever since I have started shopping at ALDI, my life has changed. You may think that I’m being over dramatic about my grocery shopping, but wait until you give it a try. Here’s why ALDI is my new BFF.

ALDI Shopping cart

Easy to Get In and Out

I know everyone says that their “grocery store” is fast. If you have never shopped at Aldi, you need to get in there because you can get in and out so quickly. Literally you walk in and can go around the whole store quickly. It’s because of the way they have everything set up, it’s quite awesome.


Exclusive Brands

I think one of my favorite parts of ALDI is that most of the brands are exclusive to ALDI. 90% of the groceries you’ll find at ALDI are actually exclusive to ALDI, which means no other store can carry them. The brands are affordable and the quality is amazing.  My family has really fallen in love with a lot of these brands, it’s nice knowing I can go into the store and pick them right up. Hey, when your family gets addicted to a certain kind of food, you have to keep feeding it to them. Am I right?

Summer BBQ shopping at ALDI

Summer BBQ shopping at ALDI

Summer BBQ shopping at ALDI Organic Foods

It used to be that no one could afford to feed their family organic food. Over the years, I’ve started buying more and more organic foods but the cost definitely got more expensive. I’m so proud to say that since shopping at ALDI our organic grocery bill has gone down. In fact, ALDI offers its SimplyNature® line which includes USDA Certified organic and Non-GMO verified items, liveGfree® gluten-free products, USDA Choice meats and NeverAny! products that are free from added antibiotics, hormones and animal by-products. The affordability of the organic produce and everything in between is AWESOME and I think you can agree.



High Quality

Something that I’ll never take for granted with shopping at ALDI is that everything is very high quality. I never walk in and think “ugh.” I am always telling myself “is this real life?” “How is it possible to get so much awesome stuff at such a great price?” “Pinch me!”


Since shopping at ALDI, I recognize the high quality foods that are available. I hope you’ll check it out. ALDI has opened 25 stores in the Southern California area by July 2016. Stay tuned to or the ALDI USA Facebook page for the latest updates on ALDI. Shopping at ALDI can save you at least 50% on your grocery bill. *Based upon a price comparison of comparable products sold at leading national retail grocery stores.

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