Super Mario Brothers Costume

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Even though Halloween is a while away my kids always love to dress up in costumes no matter what day it is.  The newest costume in our house is the officially licensed Child Deluxe Super Mario Brothers Costume for my four year old son and it fits perfectly.  The outfit is adorable with its one piece suit – blue jumpsuit, red shirt and yellow buttons, white gloves, blow up belly (gave my son a real giggle), red hat and black mustache.  My son was running around the house laughing from the fun of this costume, can’t wait to grab the Luigi kid costume for my three year old.  The suit slides on very easy that a kid can easily get dressed in this himself and has velcro closure on the back.  We just recently set up the older nintendo gaming system for our younger boys to play and now my son has to wear his Mario costume everytime so he can be the Characters in the Video Game.  It never surprises the imagination a young child can have and it’s the funnest part about raising young children.  Whether their 2 or 10 they all have their own unique way of playing a character, speaking a different tone or dressing up and running around like a crazy child.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Mario on the gaming screen and if definitely brought old memories back of when I was a child.  Did you know there is now a Super Mario Brothers Movie?  Find the Super Mario Brothers Movie Info now.  Looks like a fun movie to watch with the kids.  If you would love to browse the Mario Bros line of costumes for yourself or your kids you can browse here.  If you would love the same one I got for my son you can grab that one at the above link for just $29.74 when you use promo code X15.

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