Swing & Spin Extra Large Tire Swing Review

Growing up I remember playing on an old, bulky tire swing my parents hung up on the trees for myself and my brothers to play on.  It provided hours of entertainment and fun outdoors and the memories are fond from when I was a kid.  Only downfall was only one kid could “ride” on the tire swing at one time and as a young child no one has the patience for that.

Swing and Spin XL

Moving forward 20 something years and we have a brand new product called the XL Swing & Spin which is a 48″ Extra Large Tire Swing that will provide your children and yourselves with hours of enjoyment.  Whether you’re a family of 2 or a family of 7 everyone will get enjoyment out of this XL Swing & Spin because this baby can hold up to 660 lbs and can comfortably seat 5 people at a time.  I love that I can lay on the swing with my 2 kids and we can swing for a bit and no one is left out.

Swing and Spin

Look how much fun this is for my little guy!

Unlike the older version of tire swings which left you dirty and smelling of rubber, the XL Swing & Spin is very well made and won’t leave any residue behind.  We hung this on our outside patio cover and assembly was so easy because we just hooked it up to existing bolts that were in place for the kids swings.  It’s so comfortable to sit on or lay on and due to it’s design hanging on is super easy for even the littlest hands.  This swing is fun for swaying back and forth like a traditional swing but it can always be spun around to give your kids laughs of spinning in circles.  My 5 year old son got a kick out of this part.  For the first time I don’t have to tell my kids take turns, one at a time..Now I can let them pile on like monkeys, hang from the ropes and go crazy.

Swing and Spin assembly

You know you’re getting only the best with the Swing and Spin since it’s made from high quality UV resistant Polyethlene and each tire swing is made of durable thermoplastic.  There are no disappointments with this swing and your little ones will be safe and secure.  Assembly is easy and you can fasten this to a tree, a post, patio cover or existing swing set.  To act as a traditional swing keep the ropes seperated and push just like a regular swing and if you connect the ropes together at one point you will get 360 spinning and swiveling which is my kids favorite part!   The ropes are long enough to have this swing low enough to the ground that little ones aged 3 and older can get on themselves to feel like a big kid or you can raise the ropes easily but tossing the ropes over a beam or two.

Swing and Spin XL

The XL Swing & Spin is available for just $249.99.  Plus save $25 off any swing by using promo code addicted2savings, for a limited time.  This swing will provide your family with years and years of enjoyment.

Swing and Spin XL

Fantastic Features of the XL Swing & Spin:

  • 48″ Diameter Tire Swing Seat
  • Seats Up To Five
  • Made from UV Resistant Polyethylene
  • Two Mounting Options
  • Fits the Width of 2 Swings on a Swing Set
  • Features Nickel Plated Iron Ring Core
  • Rated to a Max of 660 lbs.

Swing and Spin

Connect with Swing & Spin:


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One of my lucky Addicted2Savings4u readers will be lucky enough to win their very own XL Swing & Spin for their family!  Giveaway will run from 4/25-5/9, good luck!

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48 thoughts on “Swing & Spin Extra Large Tire Swing Review

  1. I want this!!! If we can put it on a tree branch, we would. We have two large trees in our backyard that would be perfect for this!
  2. My husband has already said that he will build a sturdy frame to hang it on in our backyard if we happen to be the lucky winners. :)
  3. I would hang it in our backyard! The kids and I would have sooo much fun swinging together on this, it looks like a blast!
  4. It'll go in my backyard! We don't have any seating back there, so it'll be great to relax on as the kids play. Okay, I guess I will share!
  5. We'd totally hang this outside under one of the huge trees by the playset. The kids would have a blast!!
  6. Wow this is fun my grand kids would have a blast. I would hang it under my deck we have the perfect place. THANKS!

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