WowWee Toys are the top of the must have Holiday Wish List

Wondering what the hottest toys are for Christmas 2014?  Well let’s start off with 3 fantastic new toys from WowWee that will have your kids going crazy on Christmas morning.  Anything robotic is a huge hit in our household and these toys definitely won’t disappoint.  WowWee developed the most popular robot in the world, called the Robosapien Robot and to date has been sold over 6 million times.  WowWee is constantly developing imaginative, innovative and award-winning products for kids and adults to enjoy.


The Tipster is a fantastic robot that will keep the kids entertained for hours.  Watch it move forward, backwards, round in circles and more with the easy to use kid friendly remote.  Lots of fun to be had with Tipster which is loaded with lots of games and activities suitable for kids aged 4 and up.  Want to see him do even more awesome tricks?  Check out his balancing skills on the included cylinder while he’s cruising around your house.  My kids had him going up and down the hallway and all around the kitchen while the dog chased him around.  Seriously providing fun for the entire family.  This is the cutest little robot I’ve ever seen and it definitely needs a spot under the Christmas tree.  You’re children won’t know how much fun they’re about to have until he’s popped out of the box and ready to go.  The Robot and Remote run off batteries which aren’t included.  If you’re loving Tipster you can grab him right now for just $49.99 at your local Target, Walmart, Toys R Us and the WowWee store.


MiP is the 2nd Robot Friend your children are going to fall in love with.  MiP is packed with loads of fun and is equipped with GestureSense technology allowing him to move with any hand motion control, how cool is that?  It’s like a live robot in your living room.  To control MiP all you have to do is load the free app and you can drive it, make him balance and play lots and lots of game.  MiP will follow you around the home and you can program up to 50 hand swipe motions to give him control.  Plus get the kids to clap twice and MiP will play back the newly learned hand motions.  Back when I was a child toy’s like this didn’t exist and I know my children are going to be so excited.  I took MiP out of the box to play with him for a bit while the kids were at school and I had so much fun, but shh.. don’t tell the kids.  This toy isn’t just for kids it will definitely be enjoyed by adults as well.  Retailing at just $99.99 you’ll be enjoying MiP for years and years to come, plus it’s a gift for the entire family.  Ideal for kids aged 8 and older and can be purchased at the WowWee store here.

Game Modes MiP can do:

  • Hand Motions
  • Tracking
  • Dance
  • Roam
  • Tricks
  • Cage
  • Stack

Dancing Doll

When I was a kid I had tons of troll dolls and was always fascinated by their look and crazy hair but you don’t see those around anymore.  The Elektrokidz remind me of them but these fun loving toys are the first ever music inspired collectable that will dance to any beat of music and play along.  Whether you’re listening to Pop, Punk, Rap, Country, R&B or more Elekrokidz will play along with the whole family.  With 6 different finishes there is a special kid for everyone and you’ll love the black matte and shiny gold ones.  All Elekrokidz dance differently so you’re going to want to collect all 6 of them to have a huge party with the toys and kids.  I’m loving these dolls and all 3 of my kids love them too.  So much fun and with a price point of just $14.99 they’re affordable for everyone.  These are available at your local Walmart, Toys R Us, Kmart, Justice and WowWee Store.

Elektrokidz are the first ever music–inspired collectables that dance to the beat of the music you are listening to! There are six unique Elektrokidz that come in six different finishes, including black matte and shiny gold. Each comes with its own stylized shades. Each Elektrokidz also has its own special hair movement that dances to the beat and no two Elektrokidz’ hair dance the same way, so collect them all for the complete party!

Features to love:

  • Music-inspired collectables that dance to the beat of any music you are listening to
  • Beat detection picks up lowest and/or loudest frequency and moves hair to that beat
  • No wires and no connectivity
  • It simply listens for the music
  • 6 different Elektrokidz with 6 different hairstyles
  • Each hairstyle has its own unique way of dancing to the beat

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