Yubo Lunchbox + Toddler Friendly Lunch Ideas Review


My son goes to school 3 days a week and we’re required to pack his lunch for those 3 days.  We are all about organization and making lunches fun which I have found make kids eat more and remain happy during snack and lunch time.  We have been on the hunt for the perfect lunchbox that will hold up well for a 4 year old and can hold all my fun plastic containers and silicone muffin holders for crackers and more.  We needed a lunchbox that has plenty of room inside and has a unique design so my son will know which lunchbox is his.  We found the PERFECT lunchbox that fits every need we have.  It’s unique, light weight, fits easily in a backpack and is very roomy inside.  The Yubo Lunchbox comes with everything you need to give your children the perfect lunch now all you need is a little imagination to make the food fun for toddlers and kids!


The Yubo Lunchbox is a eco-friendly, BPA free, 100% recyclable dream come true.  It comes equipped with a easy to carry lunchbox, 3 containers and an ice pack.  Wonder what makes this lunchbox so unique and fun for kids?  Choose from one of the adorable faceplates to suit your child’s style plus their interchangeable and can be swapped out whenever your child wants.  My son Chasen picked out the My Commute face plates and it’s full of adorable roads, cars, trucks, planes and scenery which is perfect for a little boy.  This Lunchbox can be purchased for just $31.90 here and I’m sure you’ll find one you love.  Once you order your lunchbox be sure to browse the different size containers which are so perfect for sandwiches, crackers, fruits, pasta, vegetables and more!  I love to give my son cute little snacks such as rolled ham and cheese on animal sticks making it more fun to eat and you need air tight containers to keep these items fresh.


Starting today I will be featuring Toddler friendly meals up to 3 times a week on the blog to give parents a few creative ideas to make lunchtime more fun for the kids.  Plus I’ll be showing you the many uses of these adorable plastic containers and Chicago Metallic Baking Essentials Silicone Baking Cups.  Now onto the creative ideas for toddler and kid friendly foods.


Monday Lunch time

  • Colored Spaghetti Noodles topped off with a wheat bread fish with ketchup for the eye and mouth – See instructions for noodles here.
  • Fresh Mandarin Oranges
  • Fresh Green Grapes
  • Juice box (not pictured)

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