Cleaning our floors right

We had our fourth child almost 9 months ago and he’s about to start crawling. It’s important that I get my home cleaner than it’s ever been. Babies put everything in their mouths, which is why I don’t want to use a chemical cleaner. He’ll be spending a lot of time touching the floor and exploring, a chemical free cleaner is important to me. Plus since he was about 3 months old we’ve been dealing with allergies with our little guy and I love that this product is perfect for our home.  However, I also want it to be an effective cleaner.

Introducing Bona free & simple products. I know you all are going to love these products just as much as I have. You may not know that Bona specifically focuses on hardwood floors, which is great because that’s what I have! Keep in mind they also have other types of cleaners for your household needs.

I’m most excited about their hardwood floor cleaners, our little one will soon be roaming our house halls and I need those floors clean, but chemical free. Free & simple cleaners from Bona leave behind no residue – which is perfect for my household as we have a ton of kids and a pet.

There’s even a hardwood floor care system, so you can take care of your hardwood floors like they’re meant to be. Here’s a simple how to, to help you get your floors as clean as possible with Bona!

Check what kind of floor you have

I love Bona customer service. You can call them and discuss the type of flooring you have. If you’re worried about it, they’ll walk you through it.

Read the instructions on the bottle

I’m giving you a simple how to use Bona Free & simple products, but you should still read the back of the bottle for instructions.

Clean when your floor is dirty

Obviously, Bona works best when your floor is dirty. Identify a dirty spot, spray it with the Bona cleaner to get rid of the dirt.

Wipe the floor clean

I have a Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad that I use to wipe up the residue and to ensure the dirt is gone. You can then rinse the pad and make sure it’s prepped for the next time you need it. If the pad is bad, you can throw it in the laundry!

Bona Free & simple products are EASY to use! I prefer them over any other cleaner. Identify what type of cleaner you need for your home and pair it up with what Bona offers. You won’t be disappointed. I was able to find this product at my local Lowe’s store!

Try Bona’s line of free & simple cleaning products for yourself, and follow @mybonahome on Facebook to stay up-to-date on product news, offers, and their upcoming sweepstakes!”

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