Paw Patrol Marshall and Chase on the Case

Paw Patrol DVD

One of my favorite cartoons to watch with my kids has got to be Paw Patrol.  It’s entertaining, educational and just downright adorable for kids and adults.  The newest Paw Patrol to be hitting the shelves is the Paw Patrol: Marshall and Chase on the case!  This DVD is featuring 92 minutes of pure enjoyment for kids of all ages.  Grab a bag of popcorn, an ice cold water and plop down on the couch and get ready to enjoy the best Paw Patrol ever released.

Featuring 4 Fantastic Episodes:

  • Pups Pit Crew/ Pups Fight Fire – Ryder and thePAW Patrol have to rescue Alex when he takes off on his new “super trike.”Marshall proves to be a true hero when he puts out a real fire during a race for the Fastest Fire Pup trophy.
  • Pups Save a Hoedown/ Pups Save Alex– It’s Adventure Bay Western Days.  The whole town is enjoying the activities when a herd of cows escape from a train at the railway station.  Now it’s like the real old west, with the PAW Patrol rounding up cows. When their friend Alex decides he wants to be a member of the PAW Patrol the pups and Ryder let him come along for the ride.  Rescuing Cali the cat from farmer Yumi’s barn becomes more of a challenge when Alex tries to help!
  • Pups Save a Monkey/ Pups Save a Hoot– When Mandy the monkey escapes from her cage on the train, Ryder and the PAWPatrol are lead on a wild chase through Adventure Bay. During a bad windstorm, Ryder and the PAW Patrol have to save an Owl trapped in a blown over tree and reunite her with her baby, Little Hootie.
  • Pups and the Lighthouse Boogie/ Pups Save Ryder– Mayor Goodway and Alex take a rowboat out into the bay to get a closer look at a baby whale.  A storm is approaching though and the rowboat drifts out of control towards the sea. It’s up to thePAW Patrol to rescue them! While out on a hike Ryder discovers Garby the goat stuck on a cliff edge. He attempts to rescue Garby, but gets stranded in the process.  Rydercalls the pups for help but drops his Pup Pad down the cliff side and it’s up to thePAW Patrol to save him.

If you’re kids love Paw Patrol as much as my entire family does be sure to grab this DVD for just $7.99 Shipped on Amazon.

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