Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper Special Edition Review


The Baby Einstein Neighborhood friends activity jumper was created to provide your child with hours of enjoyment and learning.  With 12 activities to enjoy there is no way your child is going to get bored or cranky with this jumper.  My daughter Madison is 7 months old and is at the perfect age for exploring, bouncing, turning and focusing on the music.  With 5 height adjustments this jumper is going to grow with your child so you will definitely be able to get your use out of it.  Right now my daughter is about 28” and is on the 3rd setting so 2 more height settings for her to grow with.  The print on this baby einstein jumper is very neighborly with dogs, birds, caterpillars, green grass and blue skies.


Their saying this neighborhood friends activity jumper is a must have and I can see why.  My daughter loves it.  There are so many items on the sides such as hanging rings that she can grasp onto and chew if she wants. Light up piano station featuring fun, upbeat classical melodies that will have your baby moving to the beat, even if he or she can’t walk.  Let your child be a big kid by bearing weight on their feet but being safely secured in the seat allowing them to sit up and explore.  Your child is going to love the puppy squeaker, caterpillar bead chaser, spinner drum, bendy sun stalk, rotating bird and links that you can add your child’s favorite toys too.  This jumper is ideal for babies as young as 4 months and up to 25 lbs but should only be used when your child can sit up unassisted and your child should never be left alone in this jumper.

DSC_1387 DSC_1388 DSC_1390

The baby einstein jumper will teach your child their shapes, numbers, multi sensory stimulation and more which is excellent for their language discovery.  We’re loving this jumper and I love while I’m working on my computer my daughter can sit right now to me and be entertained while learning.  With the easy 360 rotating seat baby will be able to explore all on their own.


This jumper is light weight so moving it around the home is easy and if you’re looking to store it away detach the sides and it all lays flat.  Have a messy baby?  The seat cushion can be cleaned in the washing machine and the trays can be wiped clean.

I’m loving this bouncer and we’ll be getting lots of use out of it.  Priced at just $89.99 at Babies R Us makes it affordable for any family and would make an excellent baby shower gift.



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