Fizzion Drop & Mop Concentrated Floor Cleaner Review!

Disclosure: I received a product for free from Fizzion to conduct this review.


If you have hardwood flooring or tile flooring in your home chances are you’re looking for an affordable product that will clean your floors with little effort! I got the opportunity to try out the Fizzion Drop & Mop concentrated cleaner and it cleaned my tile floors beautifully.  I have 3 kids and a dog in the house so my floors take a huge hit with outdoor/indoor traffic and since my flooring is so light you can really see all of the dirt inside the grooves.  I love that this product is safe to use on wood, vinyl, tile, linoleum, marble, and granite.  I love that the process is so simple and quick to do.  Not only is the process simple the aftermath of drying is quick leaving absolutely no residue behind.  I love this product and I’ll continue to use it for all my flooring needs!  As I mentioned Fizzion Drop & Mop is very affordable and you can grab your own for just $6.99 HERE!

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The process is so easy:

  • Drop the Mop & Go tablet into warm water to activate the Fizzion power
  • Clean floors with a spray mop
  • Make your floors sparkle and leave virutally no residue behind

A few highlights I love:

  • Earth-friendly tablet quickly cuts through dirt and greaseEarth-friendly tablet quickly cuts through dirt and grease
  • Easily lifts set-in grout stains
  • Multi-purpose mopping tablets works great with spray mops or traditional mop and bucket
  • Time-released formula provides a fresh lavender scent.
  • Safe to use on wood, vinyl, tile, linoleum, marble, and granite
  • Uses the proven power of CO2

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