Glittered Pine Cones Center Piece

Glittered Pinecones 2

It’s finally getting cold in Southern California so I’m getting into the Christmas spirit and decorating my home with lots of DIY Projects on a budget.  There are so many ways you can upcycle things lying around the home or pick up supplies for super cheap at your local craft store.  I am a girl who LOVES glitter, and I feel glitter makes things so much more prettier in the home so this weekend I ventured out to make some glittered pine cones for a beautiful home decor piece.  This project was so easy to do and really fun plus I loved that my boys could help out to in the fun.  Please note this project was fun but very messy, my fingers were covered in spray paint, glue and glitter for the rest of the day!

Supplies Used

  • Royal Blue Spray Paint
  • Silver Spray Paint
  • Ocean Breeze Spray Paint
  • Elmer’s Spray Adhesive Glue
  • Silver Glitter
  • Royal Blue Glitter
  • Light Blue Glitter
  • Pinecones (Purchased a bag at Michaels)
  • Large Apothecary Jar (Purchased at Michaels)


I headed to my local Michaels and purchased all of my supplies and headed home for an hour of fun.  I laid out a piece of brown paper so I could do my Spray Painting outdoors and not ruin my concrete flooring.  I laid out 3 rows of Pinecones and started spray painting the royal blue ones first, followed by the silver and finished up with the ocean breeze pinecones.  I spray painted one side and than rotated a few minutes later and spray painted the next side.  After I allowed them to dry for about 10 minutes i spray them with spray adhesive glue laid on a plate one at a time and sprinkled lots and lots of glitter on all over them.  Shake off the excess glitter and pour back into the glitter container.  Once these were completely dried I placed them in a large Apothecary Jar and placed on my entry table.  I love the way these pinecones look and they glisten so much.  Such a beautiful DIY Home Decor that’ll I’ll be keeping up year round!





Glittered Pinecones3

Glittered Pinecones

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