HALO2CLOUD Pocket Power Charger & Scanner Mouse Review

Disclosure:  I received the products below for review purposes, no compensation was given.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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HALO2CLOUD invents products that make your life easier! Halo makes clever, innovative technology products to help you save time and solve problems.  Whether you’re at home, in the office, in the car or out shopping Halo2Cloud has a perfect problem solution product for you!  I don’t know how many times my smart phone has died on the way home from work and I can’t be without my cell phone.  Not only am I constantly using my cell phone for emails, social media responses but I also use it to stay in touch with my kids’ nanny or my husband.  I have 3 kids in the household so I’m constantly multi-tasking and running out there door and there have been a handful of times that my car charger just wasn’t in my car, fail.  With the HALO Pocket Power Charger I am able to super charge my phone without any actual power.  This backup battery is perfect for cell phones, cameras, gaming systems, laptops and much more.  You’ll never have an issue with power failure doing a outage, camping trip or anything else with the handy HALO Pocket Power Charge.  It’s design is so appealing and compact it can easily be placed in your pocket, purse, diaper bag or anywhere with small spacing.  I have been loving mine that I received in the Pink Leopard print.  With this price I am able to find it easily and quickly, I love that!  If you would love your very own HALO Pocket Power Charger you can grab one for only $40 from HERE!   With 4 colors to choose from Silver, Purple, Black or Pink Leopard, everyone is able to find a color/print they’ll love!  This is by far my new favorite gadget because it serves so many different purposes!


A Few Highlights I love:

  • Charges mobile phones, gaming systems, Bluetooth devices, cameras, and more
  • Compatible with devices that utilize one of the three supplied tips: micro USB, mini USB, or 30 pin
  • Compatible with all devices equipped with a USB male connection cable
  • LED power status indicator
  • Can charge one device while being recharged itself with Charge It Charge Me USB cable
  • USB 2.0 port for powering/charging devices
  • When fully charged and not in use, can hold a charge for up to 12 months
  • Measures 4″L x 3/4″Diam
  • 90-day Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Device weight: 2.5oz


HALO2CLOUD sells all sorts of must have gadgets!  Check out their great selection of Portable Power, Bluetooth, USB & Cable, Computer accessories, Speakers, Household, Scanner Mouses and MORE!


The HALO Scanner mouse is my new favorite desk accessory!  Can you imagine the convenience of a regular computer mouse (2.42″W x 4.48″D x 1.42″ H) with a built in scanner for all documents, photographs and everything else you would need to scan!  Not everyone has a scanner and yet at least once you’re going to need to scan something.  With the HALO scanner mouse you can scan the document with the click of a button, scan the entire image, save it and send to your desired contact/location.  Not only does the HALO scanner mouse scan the document it allows you to edit by straightening, cropping, brightening and so much more!  When you’re not scanning pictures or documents this mouse is just your everyday computer mouse!  It comes in 4 fantastic colors as well; Red, Black, Purple and Blue!  I have been reviewing the purple one and am so in love with the vibrant color, it matches my work station perfectly! What makes the HALO photo and document scanner mouse special? This easy-to-use, all-in-one mouse scanner lets you scan any document, drawing, book, magazine, photo–and larger items that won’t fit on a standard flatbed scanner–without needing to set up a cumbersome, separate unit.  It was so easy to setup and use I have been scanning everything from documents to CD covers having a blast with this mouse!  It’s so easy even my 4 year old can help me scan my documents!  If you would love your own HALO scanner mouse you can grab one for just $111.98 HERE!  I spent way more on a traditional scanner that just takes up half of my computer desk.

Mouse collage

The Process is so easy:

  • Grab your image, document or whatever you choose to scan
  • Lay the mouse on the document
  • Press the scan button
  • Scan the whole document
  • Click the scan button again when item is completed
  • Once document is scanned you will go into an edit screen (there you can crop, erase, straighten, brighten and more)
  • Save the document to your computer and send to whatever location you wish
  • Easy as 1,2,3

Mouse collage 2

A Few Highlights I love:

  • Works with multiple font sizes and languages
  • Scan resolutions: Full 400 dpi; High 320 dpi; Medium 200 dpi; Low 100 dpi
  • Mouse laser sensor 1200 dpi Scans various size items; can scan documents as large as approximately 16-1/2″ x 11″ in high resolution
  • Save formats: PDF, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, XLS, DOC
  • 1-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

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