KidOFit Infant and Toddler Shoe Review


In this society we’re always wearing shoes to protect our feet from the harsh pavements, brush and other harsh materials indoors and outdoors.  But did you know it’s best to walk around bare foot and even more important for children to walk around barefoot?  Medical experts worldwide agree that barefoot walking is ideal for proper foot development and boosts proper posture for infants and kids.  My son Chasen is 4 years old and is an active little boy engaging in childhood play at his preschool 5 days a week.  You know how little boys are, they run and they fall and their hyper bundle of joys.  Normally at the end of the school day my son is complaining how sore his feet are from his shoes and he can’t wait to take them off.  Now that we’ve been giving KidOFit shoes a try he no longer complains and in fact loves his shoes so much insists on taking naps in them.  That shows me as a parent that they truly do mimic barefoot walking and he couldn’t be happier.


KidOFit shoes are made for infants and toddlers shoe size 4-12 to ensure comfort, fit and protection for growing feet.  These shoes feature transparent soles so you can ensure your child is receiving a proper fit for long term wear.  There is no restriction on wear for these shoes as they’ll move with your child and hold up to even the roughest play.  Whether your child wants to run, jump, hop or skip the KidOFit shoes will work out fantastic for them.  


I have never seen a shoe that was made with childrens comfort in mind until now and I couldn’t be happier.  Wearing the proper size shoe is so crucial and most times their either to tight or to small for growing feet.  The KidOFit shoes feature adjustable straps for a excellent heel grip and a great collar grip, plus this ensures a longer lasting shoe that grows with your child.  As your child’s foot grows the shoes can feel tight so the fitting inserts inside the shoe can easily be removed making each shoe more roomy.  


Features to love:

  • Barefoot Comfort
  • Transparent Soles
  • Soft & Flexible
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Anatomical Design
  • Fitting Inserts

My thoughts: These shoes are perfect for all little boys and girls and I will definitely be recommending them to friends and family.  The styles are adorable, their affordable and the quality is fantastic.  After my son has been putting these shoes through the ringer for the past week their holding up very well.  My son received the KidOFit Leroy – Brown Model #223 in case you’re loving them.  You can see the entire shoe line here and if you use promo code M9852E at checkout you’ll save 25% off your purchase + Shipping is Free.

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