Nuby Flower Child Snack Keeper


My daughter is 8 months old and loves feeding herself little yogurt melts and puffs but keeping those snacks contained isn’t always easy.  She’s independent and loves to do things herself, including feeding herself.  With the easy to use Nuby Flower Child Snack Keeper my daughter can grab what she wants when she want and not make a mess.  Gone are the days where we placed her snacks on the high chair and they all wound up on the floor from excitement.  The Flower Child Snack Keeper is a ridiculously adorable snack cup that easily fits in the diaper bag, is easy for little ones to hold and has a silicone flap that allows little hands to get food without being hurt.  Best of all no matter how many times this cup is thrown, tipped upside down or shacked the snacks will not fall out.  Every mother’s dream right?!  The Nuby Flower Child Snack Keeper can be purchased on Amazon for just $4.98 here.


Perfect for Puffs, Yogurt Melts and anything that little ones love with an easily removable lid.


Features to love:

  • Super soft and secure lid keeps kid-sized snacks inside the container
  • No spill, no mess, easy access
  • Easy grip design makes it easier for child to hold

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