How to Organize your home with Little ones

Organizing is something every mom loves to do, right? Well, if you have a few children roaming around your home, under the age of five, it can get a little tough to get anything done. However, you probably have an increasing desire to make sure everything has a place. Use these tips to learn how to organize with little ones at home.

How To Organize

#1. Kid Friendly

It may be time to set your desire for expensive adult organizational tools to the side. If you want to organize with your children at home (and keep it organized) then you will need to get tubs, boxes, shelving, and bags that are kid friendly. Try searching at places like the Dollar Tree (where everything is $1) for these kinds of items. You might be surprised at what you can come up with.

#2. Make it Fun

Organization is not only for adults. Make it fun for the kids. Your home is where they live as well, so you might as well get them involved. Start by organizing their “space” to show them how fun the organizing process can be. After you have completed their organizing, you can move onto other places in the home.

#3. Keep it Simple

When it comes to doing anything with little ones around, you might as well keep it simple. There is no need for elaborate and drawn out organizational projects. Simply make a goal and conquer it. For example—your goal is to clean out winter clothing and exchange with summer clothing. This is a simple project (that could take you all day with little ones at home) but that’s okay. Have a tote ready for the winter clothing and put away the summer clothing into the closet and dressers. You might also need to save more “complex” projects for when dad is around, or when the kiddos are sleeping.

#4. Get Creative

I love to organize but it can get a little crazy with little ones around. I have found that the best way to organize and keep things that way is to get creative. It makes no sense to organize something, for it only to be destroyed later. A great example of this is the following—when organizing clothing for your kids, don’t put the paper label on the outside. Print out a label and put it on the inside of a clear tub. This allows you to see what’s inside the tub, without opening it, and without little fingers ripping off the label.

(You may also consider putting items as high as possible after they are organized). Little hands and feet can destroy your organizational success in a minute or less).

#5. Make it Colorful

If you are going to organize, then it’s time to make it fun. Little ones love to look at bright colors. Whether you’re organizing clothing, pencils, snacks, or shoes—use as much color as you possibly can. Oranges, pinks, light blues, and neon greens make everything super pretty and wonderful to gaze at. (Again, put things a little higher so the kids can’t reach). Feel free to also let the little ones play around with extra containers and ribbons, while you are busy organizing your little heart out.

Doesn’t this sound doable? Organizing is something that needs to be done and now you can accomplish little organizing projects throughout the day. Just make sure you keep it simple and take breaks to play with the little people of your house (they love when you do this). 

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