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Totlings was created to give your child a sense of emotional connection from early on.  Many children suffer from childhood amnesia which means they can’t recall events from their early childhood.  The only events they can recall are memories with an emotional tie such as a sad or tramatic day.  Every mother and father has been told at one point in their child’s life that the baby should only sleep on their back to reduce the chance of SIDS.  Due to the fact babies have been sleeping on harder services their heads become plagiocephaly a.k.a. flat head syndrome and can cause distortion of the skull.  After having 3 little ones in my household I have seen the results of potential flat head syndrome with close friends children and I didn’t want this to happen to my children  Totlings is here to give every parent a lot of comfort with their innovative product called Snugglish.


The Snugglish is the must have baby seat for your child ranging from newborn to age 10 and can hold a solid weight of 160 lbs which is quite impressive.   I love that this product can grow with my child and can also be used with my 3 and 4 year old as well ensuring plenty of use.  The Snugglish isn’t your ordinary baby floor seat and exceeds all of my expectations as a parent of 3.  The Snugglish baby floor seat contains micro-balls, which adjust to your baby’s body and skull allowing comfort which will help in preventing flat head syndrome.  We always lay my daughters on her back to sleep and have been very fortunate that flat head syndrome hasn’t become an issue.  I am so thankful for The Snugglish baby floor seat because now my daughter can rest and look around in comfort in an upright position.  If you’re seeking only the best for your little one Snugglish floor seats is your answer.

Have a child that suffers from Gastroesophageal reflux (GER)?  The Snugglish is designed to keep your infant in the proper position to help your baby with GER and it is achieved through the tear shape design of the seat. The helpful prevention of GER is enough to sell me on this wonderful seat.


The Snugglish is made in 2 materials, fabric and leatherette in a variety of styles, colors and patterns so these seats are suitable for every little boy and girl.  Having a little one means lots of messes and should I say possible blow outs?  No need to worry the Snugglish material is very durable, can’t be damaged and is machine washable; every mother’s dream right?  The floor seat comes with a safety harness which is ideal for babies up to the age of 2 and the top cover can be easily removed to expose the underneath cover which doesn’t include a safety harness which is ideal for children aged 2+ up to the age of 10.  This floor seat is catered to children but since it can hold up to 160 lbs even adults can get a little comfort in the Snugglish, I did!


The Snugglish is such a creative concept that every parent needs one in their home.  Use the top part to keep your baby safe or your toddler comfy and flip the Snugglish over and use the bottom as a diaper changing area, so convenient right?  Removing the top cover is so easy, just unzip the cover and underneath you’ll find a brand new, bright wipe cover than just zip on and you’re good to go.  I have been reviewing the Meadows Blue Velvet with White Top which is a leather material and the Retro Cream with White Velvet Top is made of oxford fabric.  Two very distinct, bold materials and prints that I’m in LOVE with.

DSC_1002 DSC_1004  DSC_0987

Choose from a fantastic selection of prints consisting of: numbers, retro, meadows and

  • Meadow Prints – Zebra Patterns
  • Blossoms – Floral Pattern
  • Numbers
  • Retro

You can grab a Snugglish floor seats for just $149.99 when you use exclusive promo code A2S4U at checkout which is saving you $50 off retail pricing.  I now have a unique Baby Shower gift to give that I know every mom and dad is going to love.  

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Want to see how the Totlings was born, watch this cute little video:

Last but not least 6 reasons why you NEED the Snugglish in your household:

  • Preventing SIDS
  • Helping with Acid Reflux
  • Helps prevent Flathead Syndrome
  • Tired Mom Syndrome – Get things done
  • Worried Mom Syndrome – Baby is safe and secure
  • Childhood Amnesia

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  1. What a great idea, thanks for posting this is the first time I have heard or seen this product. My sister is due in August and thanks to your review I now have found the perfect baby shower gift.
  2. Yes, this really is a good idea.. I've never heard of or seen this product, but I will spread the word to others that I know are with child. Cool product! Also, follow my blog at Thanks!

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