What to Buy and What Not to Buy at the Dollar Store

Tracking PixelThe Dollar store is a great place to shop for the most value for your dollar. However, some items are worth buying while others are not. I have compiled a great list of What to Buy and What Not to Buy at the Dollar Store to help make your next shopping trip easier and worth your while.

What to buy at Dollar Tree

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Dollar Tree is one of my all time favorite places to shop on a weekly basis.  Whether I’m looking for crafting supplies, household goods, holiday decorations, goodies for my kids or anything else.  I just recently took a trip to my local Dollar Tree and took my time walking up and down every aisle to see what really was a great buy and what wasn’t.  I was shocked to see so many name brand products, high quality glass items and more.  Have you been to the Dollar Tree recently?  I’d love to hear your favorite buys.  You will definitely catch me at the Dollar Tree weekly buying plain mugs and plates for my newest Silhouette Projects!

What to buy at Dollar Tree

Acne Free facial scrub and cleaners are definitely a DO buy!  These products work fantastic and sell in other stores for upward of $6-$7! Stock up.

New Choice Pregnancy Test are a definite do!!  They work just as well, if not better than other high end tests!  So if you’re trying to conceive definitely stock up on these tests which are available at ALL Dollar Tree stores.

New Choice Ovulation Predictor – you won’t be disappointed with these tests they’re definitely worth the $1.00!

What to buy at Dollar Tree

GoGo Squeez Apple Sauce are perfect for car rides and are a great snack for kids!  These are a great buy at $1.00 plus go here to see how to grab them for free.

Yoohoo Chocolate Milk 6 packs are an excellent buy.  I don’t know what it is but chocolate milk can be so expensive and my kids love them! So I like to keep my fridge stocked and this deal is fantastic.

JR. Dippers Crackers and Cheese and Pretzels are cheese are perfect for lunchboxes!  They’re great for on the go and excellent for little hands!!  My boys love these at at a $1.00 for a 5 pack you can’t go wrong.

Swiss Miss Chocolate Milk is a definite do.

What to buy at Dollar Tree

Rip It Energy Drinks (tall cans) fantastic buy for $1.00 and they taste great!  Other brands retail for at least $1.50.

Exteme Enegry Shots (big bottles) definite do!

14 Hours of Energy definite do for the size and price!  These taste great and work even better!

What to buy at Dollar Tree

Don’t Buy the kids cups, bottles, bowls and plates.  They’re cheap and will break easily.  Not safe to use with little ones.

Pass on the Q-Tips – They’re stiff and uncomfortable to use.

Storage Bags tear easily!  Don’t waste your money.

Dish Towels are a Do if you’re looking for a simple decorative towel in your kitchen.  Avoid the oven mitts, they’re only safe up to 300 degrees and you risk burning your hands while handling hot items.

What to buy at Dollar Tree

Jergens Lotion is a do!  Be on the lookout for coupons for Jergens, but even without $1.00 is a great price for such a big bottle of name brand lotion.

Crystal Light Energy 10 pack is a do!  I’m currently doing the Nutri System plan and can have flavored waters so Crystal light is my go to fixings.

Halls Cough Drops with tons of flavors to choose from are a do buy!  These are perfect for cold season.

Triaminic for $1.00? YES please! Plus go here to find out how to snag it for FREE!  Even without coupons $1.00 is an excellent price for a name brand medicine we use in our home.

What to buy at Dollar Tree

Sargento Cheese 3 oz is a 50/50!  If you really need cheese it’s an okay price.

Extra Gum 4 pack is a definite DO! I normally pay $0.97 for 1 pack so 4 for $1.00 is amazing!!

Michelina’s Frozen Dinners for is a do.

Bar-S Franks for $1.00 is great, keep an eye out for coupons! Right now you can grab these for just $0.25!!!

What to buy at Dollar Tree

LA’s Totally Awesome products work great and come in sprays and cream cleaners! Well worth the $1.

Air Wick 4 in 1 sprays are a do buy!  Watch for coupons.

Sunbeam Light Bulb 2 packs Definitely DO buy!! This is a steal and these lightbulbs work AMAZING.

Don’t buy their brooms, they break way to easily!

What to buy at Dollar Tree

Placemats – If you’re seeking decorative, light weight placemats these are a definite Buy!

Coasters – Do buy – Thick, sturdy and fantastic bold prints

Decorative glasses with stems DO buy!  Heavy duty glasses that will last a long time. (Perfect for crafting projects, gifts and more)

What to buy at Dollar Tree

Vinegar pour spouts are a DO!  They’re decorative and adorable! They’ll look great on any counter top in the kitchen!

Luminessence candles with lids are a DO!  Avoid other candles as they don’t smell great but these ones hold their scent!

Sunny D bottles (3 flavors) definite DO buy!!

Garlic Cloves DO BUY!!!  I use garlic a lot in the home and one glove of garlic costs me upward of $2.50!  For 1 dollar you will never run out of garlic gloves again and they hold their flavor!

What to buy at Dollar Tree

Wrapping paper and party supplies are a definite buy!  You can’t go wrong with the tissue paper, ribbons, bags and wrapping paper for just $1.00. (I stock up on the wrapping paper for my DIY projects around the house!)

Boys Party Supplies — YES! YES! Buy everything you need for your childs birthday party on a budget!!  Plates, napkins, cups and party favors!

What to buy at Dollar Tree

Decorative Vases – DO Buy! They’re gorgeous and the glass is excellent quality (choose from square or round edges)

Travel Size Products – Only buy if you have coupons to make them free or super cheap

Luna Bars and Clif Bars – DON’T buy! You can get them much cheaper at the grocery stores!

Pepsi, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper 20 oz at $1.00 is a DO buy if you’re wanting a drink for the road

What to buy at Dollar Tree

Sally Hansen Salon Effects – Name brand nail stickers for $1.00 is a definite DO BUY!  You can’t go wrong with this deal!  Be on the lookout for name brand makeup at the Dollar Tree there are tons of steals to be had!

Hair Products for $1.00, YES! Headbands, brushes, barettes, rubber bands and more!

Reading Glasses – DO Buy! For $1.00 you’re getting a great pair of backup reading glasses that look fantastic!

Book Reading Light – DO Buy! What a steal!

What to buy at Dollar Tree

Baby Girls Birthday Party Supplies is a DO buy!! Spoil that little girl and get her all the party favorites and party favors for just $1.00!

Birthday Cards, Anniversary Cards, Holiday Cards, Thank you cards and everything else is a definite DO BUY! 2 for $1.00!  I will NEVER buy cards elsewhere again!  They have all the cards you could ever want and need.  No more paying $3.99 per card.

Store brand batteries– DO Buy!  From what my readers are telling me they LAST a long time!! =) (Update: I’ve been using the store brand batteries for my kid’s toys and they definitely last)

Party Supplies – Paper Plates are thin but napkins and table cloths are great.

What to buy at Dollar Tree

Plastic Baskets, multiple colors – are a DO buy whether you’re organizing a playroom, kids room or laundry room these baskets are great!  Lots of size to choose from and they last, definite BUY!

Holiday Decoration is a BUY!  Affordable things for holidays that can be thrown away when done, I’m sold.

Poster Board – Whether you’re working on a school project or craft project you can grab poster board for just $0.69, or 2 white boards for $1.00! Definite DO BUY!!

Large Kids Coloring Books – DO BUY! Great for gifts!

Dollar Store Buys

Picture Frames – Great for simple use like kids artwork! =) (I’m currently doing a Superhero themed bedroom for my son so I’m printing pictures and storing in these frames)

Decorative Cups are adorable and a must buy! I grab them for gifts and personalize them with my Silhouette Cameo.

Plastic Cups are great for kids

Sponges – Skip they don’t last at all

Kids Coloring/Activity Books – $1.00, what a steal! DO BUY!

Mugs and Plates are fantastic and great quality! I also personalize these with my Silhouette Cameo.

Dollar Store Buys

Shasta Drinks are a Definite DO BUY especially for parties! They’re big!

Arizona Green Tea Big Bottles is a DO buy!

Betty Crocker storage sets is a DO BUY! Watch for coupons

Purina Dog Chow Snacks is a DO BUY!

I hope you loved this list of DO and Don’t buys from the Dollar Tree!! I’ve been missing out I didn’t realize the Dollar Tree had so many amazing DEALS to be had!!!!  Now what are you waiting for?Share this post with your friends than head over to your local Dollar Tree.

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69 thoughts on “What to Buy and What Not to Buy at the Dollar Store

  1. The frames are great to buy if you need a replacement glass for one at home that has gotten broken.....Thanks for this list. I knew most of it already, but it is great to see it in print and know that someone agrees with me!!!!! Have a great week!
  2. Batteries--I actually DO buy these to SELL my kids' toys. I'm big into the bi-annual consignment fair where I can price out my own items. That being said, I need to be competitive in my pricing, but still make the most profit. AND most sales require you to have working batteries that prove the toy works (or even if they didn't require it, who wants to buy toys they aren't sure works?) So, I can still price my items competitively, but get the most reward by buying 8 AA for $1, 4 C for $1, etc. I can't very well price a toy at $6 and go out and buy good batteries at $6.99-$9.99 for the pack. All I need to do is get the toy through the few days sale. This would also be true for a yard sale! This is also true for their plastic wrap (wrap around larger toys with removable parts inside) and large resealable bags (they sell 2 gallon or larger bags) that I can seal all those little/or larger parts of toys in. But I agree, for my own use, I wouldn't use them.
  3. I usually don't go to the dollar store but now that I have seen the list I will try it for sure, thanks so much for the list.
  4. I liked that you used photos. I also buy toothpaste there when it is the brand I use. A dollar is better than three. Spices, sea salt and a pepper grinder are also a steal for a dollar. Don't forget those padded mailing envelopes that are horribly expensive at all the office shops. I've heard of people using some of the wedding supplies to set up cheap receptions. A mirror, a small clear holder or bowl and a votive candle inside makes a nice table decoration.
    1. This is a good list .Thanks! I love that you can get double wall insulated tumblers for $1 and they have really cute ones. I would say another "do" is Barkery dog treats. They are made in the USA and my dogs love them. A "don't" for me is Betty Crocker measuring spoons. I hand wash my dishes and the white size info (tsp.etc) was gone after 4 washes.
  5. The Dollar Tree by me sells very few name brand products. I always see great coupon matchups and posts like this one but then cannot find any of the products at the store. Are all Dollar Trees different? Maybe I'll try another one.....
    1. Same here. I live in a small town and our dollar tree don't have a lot of things I see other people posting on Pinterest. I wish they did!
  6. I buy disposable bags for doggie poo pick up the kind you use for throwing used diapers in or in the doggie section if you buy them at the pet stores they are expensive I get them at 50 for a dollar
  7. It wasn't a dollar tree but a dollar store I think, carried Hefty ziplock bags gallon size. Only 8 in a box but a great grab for traveling. Used them last year for disney so I could bring my big bottles of sunscreen and aloe and also my shampoo and conditioner so I didn't have to rely on travel size the entire trip and worry about them leaking in my suitcase. Will grab 2 boxes this time so I pack wet stuff or have them handy for water rides!
  8. I totally disagree with the don't on the travel cups with straws. I have bought every color and only had problem with the clear leaking. I use mine for coffee in the morning. No spills!
  9. Great list! I need to find your Dollar Tree because I have never seen GoGo Squeez at our store. MAN! That was such a steal and yes, there was a dollar off coupon in the paper a few weeks ago. SCORE!
  10. I am what you would call addicted to the dollar tree. I absolutely love it. I try to tell people I know about how much money the dollar tree can save them. Most everyone I tell turn up their nose ( LOL) I'm not to proud to save money. Some stores even have a freezer section. I bought a box of frozen fried green beans just to try and they were amazing.
  11. Great ideas. Thank you! Only suggestion I have is to get great, personalized greeting cards, add your own pictures too is to use www.SendOutCards.com/64013 They are as low as $0.62/card or $0.93/card for unlimited pictures on card. They print and mail them for you too!
  12. Love these tips! The only suggestion I have is to shy away from the cheap batteries. Being a mom on a budget I raided the dollar store for the bigger batteries (D's and C's for our bouncer, rock n play, and swing). I discovered that it is well worth the money to buy name brand batteries. We were changing the batteries in our rock n play every three nights when a larger name brand would us last weeks.
    1. Yes I completely agree! Cheap batteries are only ok when you're selling something to show that it does work. Using them in anything other than a wall clock for your own household is a huge waste of money!
  13. Depends for the batteries I think >.< definitely not for xbox remotes. I blew through a pack of 'em in a week.. But maybe I bought the wrong kind? Idk
  14. The hair rubber bands are definitely a Don't for me. I have thick hair and they don't hold my hair up at all unless I pull my hair through 3 times and they aren't elastic enough to do so. Typically they break when I try to use them.
  15. The one thing that bugs me about the pictures is that some of the products are not faced. Can you tell I work in retail? LOL
  16. I love the glassware, but I no longer buy the plastic cups with kids and straws because I got finally got one after standing there for ages finding so many with lids that would not screw on all the way, after finally finding one and having it for less then a week, the plastic morphed on the bottom and developed a bubble. Also I like their frames but they fall apart SUPER easily, I no longer recommend them! I do buy the candy from there and it's mostly always fresh!
  17. This week I've bought Maybelline Tattoo eyes eyeshadow limited editions for $1 each and Goody Luxe hair barrettes and bejeweled bobby pins, and I bought the Goody spin pins there in the past. Travel sizes of L'oreal primer are great for my purse and I keep the candy dish at work stocked with the Brach's party mix so everyone can grab a butterscotch or mint after lunch. I love the baby snack cups 5/$1 in different colors. They go through the dishwasher and let me portion out snacks ready to go. Just the right size for hummus, nuts, etc. Last year I got the microfiber cloth and cleaning solution for tablets, etc. as part of my little (under $5) gift bags for co-workers. Everyone uses smartphones and iPads and the spray and cloths work great as do the 2 pk of eyeglass microfiber cloths --just right to go in your purse. For crafts at camp, we bought the travel mugs that you can decorate by inserting paper or coloring the paper insert supplied. Kids from age 8-18 loved using scrapbook paper and stickers to personalize their mugs and used them right away. There's always something good at my Dollar Tree.
  18. I totally love the dollar tree! I always buy steel wool to scrub my non stick pans, bags to put poopy diapers in (in baby section-these retail for $7 at baby's r us!), and photo paper. Also, if you homeschool or are a teacher, they have some great teaching supplies.
  19. Good tips! I try to buy as many American made products as possible and believe it or not, they sell a lot of them. What do I buy? 3 bars of Jergens or the non-deodorant Dial soap (3 bars for $1), Yardely Lavender soap (1 large bar), lavender scented body powder, paper napkins, drinking glasses, Sudoku puzzle books, Milk Duds, Hot Tamales, hardback books, and more.
  20. I disagree about the sponges. I think they work great and hold up pretty well. I don't like to keep them that long anyway. Plus 7 for $1, can't beat that!
    1. I agree, I like the sponges. The scratchy side is good for scrubbing the nasty stuff off the stove top, inside the oven and yucky sticky spills. Usually wanna throw it out after that anyway, so cheap disposable sponges are definitely a DO for me! :)
  21. I disagree with the pregnancy tests and some of the hair bobs. My sister used the pregnancy tests 3 times, every time it told her she wasn't pregnant, and she was. My daughter used one once, it told her she was pregnant when she wasn't. I would skip these and buy something a little better, or heck, just go to the doctor. The hairbands don't last very long. They're glued together so if you have thick hair, or put them on and take them off a lot, they tend to come apart really quickly. I used to buy them a lot, but it got to the point where I was spending more money on them than they were worth.
  22. Love the list, but gonna have to disagree on the Michelinas frozen dinners. ALL of my local grocery stores sell them at $0.88 each, before coupons.
  23. Great list! I'm not one for buying food there but everything else you mentioned is all helpful! I just wanted to point out that the Jergens you mentioned is actually hand soap, not lotion. I also mistook this for lotion when I bought it as a stocking stuffer and was told it was actually soap! But either way, you can't go wrong with anything Jergens for $1! :)
  24. I don't buy a lot of food at the dollar tree, but I have a few stock up items! shells & cheese, jelly, pop tarts, tortilla chips, soft pretzels, dry beans and spices are all good buys.
  25. be very careful with makeup and other items that maybe to good to be true price. A lot of items at these stores are knock offs made in China. There was a great piece on this on 60 minutes.
  26. I love the Dollar Tree, but I have been guilty of buying something "for only a dollar" and finding out that I could have bought it cheaper somewhere else. (1) Rawhides. I buy the ropes at the Dollar Tree, but Wal-Mart has the cheapest rawhides. (2) Batteries. Totally worth the money to get ones that last longer than 10 minutes. (3) Wrapping paper. The wrapping paper at Dollar Tree is thin and tears easily. Also, there's not a lot on the roll. Now, I always get my tissue paper, gift bags, and shirt boxes at Dollar Tree. (4) Jars. It seems awesome that you can get jars for so cheap, but the metal in the top is pretty shabby. If you need a lot of them, it's cheap to buy real Mason jars in a case. For sugar scrub, I've found nice glass jars with plastic lids at Dollar General. (5) Food and cosmetics. Totally hit or miss. You really have to be careful of the size. It may cost more at another store, because there was more of it. Having worked in shipping and receiving, I worry about anything with a coded date. Some food items could have been in freezer storage (even dry goods) for years. When a company can't sell them to a grocery store, they sell them to a store like Dollar Tree. Don't get me wrong. They are perfectly safe. They just don't taste as good. On the other hand, I bought some yummy sandwich cookies (8 x 6 - packs for $1) there, and Dollar Tree was the only place I could find Mott's juice popicicles (just frozen juice in those little bags kids love). It's taken me years (and I'm still not always sure) to determine where I can get the best price on things. Btw, I love the plastic kids cups with the snap on lids. They have survived the dishwasher, and they are practically disposable at that price (for the ones that got lost in the car).
  27. I looove dollar stores!! Here in the south we have dollar genral n I shop there a lot!! Love the DG brand diapers!! Specially for my toddler. Mabe not for newborns tho. Chips n most cookies are great and canned stuff. I Get lots of laundry soap n bathroom misc there to.
  28. i have two dogs and buy the doggy bags - 50 to a box. Great buy and I use them all the time. I love your list. Great things to look for on my next visit. Thank you
  29. Don't but the tinfoil or the tinfoil cake pans, pie plates, lasagna pans etc. I bought these to freeze apple pies and cobblers, when I had soo many apples, and they turned black and disintegrated. Also the tape we bought for xmas wrapping didn't stay stuck and the presents unwrapped. Also have used the duct tape with poor results. May be o.k if it is all name brand, but i think some of these were!!
  30. ...I'm sold on LA's Totally Awesome's tile and grout cleaner! Trial run was excellant! And The Works Basic bowl cleaner is better then any name brand I've tried! It's really good! And add the pork loin chop for a $1. the center of a pork chop and perfect size!
  31. I like to buy the sally Hansen nail effects! Same product as other competitor stores charge more for. I live go save any money I can! I do buy my toilet paper and paper towels here as well.
  32. I love the strawberry preserves. Sometimes the off brand names are not too shabby. I also get my microfiber towels from there. They have always come in handy. I typically never come out of the Dollar Tree empty handed. There is always something new each time I visit. I have had some stinker purchases as well. Stay away from the play-dough, and the crayons are not that great as well as some of the markers. Forget the silly putty stuff-garbage. So you win some, you lose some when you take a gamble on no known brands. If you're lucky enough, you'll land some brand name items. You just have to look and keep coming back. I love the Dollar Tree!!!!!
  33. I always check out the food aisle. They usually have a good selection of canned tomatoes, condiments (mustard, pickles, olives, etc), pasta, dried beans for starters. Some are not really a bargain, but many, many are. They have great decorative jars with lids, and my personal favorite find...10 small containers with lids to hold all those small items. Honestly, too much to list :)
  34. Ziploc bags wet and dry dog food and shower curtain liner for all do! So are most shampoos, conditioners, and bar soap. They're cooking sheets and muffins are don't, they don't last at all. Lastly, Dollar General is my go to stop for milk. The milk is always by the front door so it's so easy to just run in and grab what you need. So much cheaper and easier than the grocery store!
  35. I like this list a lot! I nanny and often find great ideas for kids crafts here. One thing I wouldn't suggest buying here however, are the crayons. All the kids complain about them!
  36. These are my tried and true favorites at Dollar Store... No one has mentioned the knock-off swiffer sweeper refills....these cost $5+ at my grocery...here 20 for $1. They work perfectly Individual multi packs of peanuts or trail mix...6-8 bags per box for $1 Fingernail polish remover and makeup remover cotton discs $1 Large size softsoap refills hand sanitizer toothpaste .Kleenex brand purse pack. Multi packs They sell a fabulous sewing kit $1 great to keep in car, for a college student,, for travel etc They have huge multi packs of safety pins ,coin wrappers, toothpicks, rubber bands, tape, mailing envelopes, fingernail files, combs, and toothbrushes(great for kid sleepovers etc) all $1 During all holidays they sell small size tins that I use to gift homemade candy..these are pricey elsewhere. Coloring books were mentioned but the soduko, crossword, and word find puzzle books are great for gifting adults and children and that have a wonderful selection of pre-school and toddler workbooks. If you teach, work at daycare or have small children get your reward stickers here!!! Great selection. I get bags of plastic silverware cheaper here than at grocery My Dollar Store has a section of fresh bakery items daily. Name brand breads buns and tortillas all $1 and they aren't expired. Have no spoilage issues with any of the items.. Best place to get helium filled balloons around!!!! I could go on and on happy shopping.
  37. LOL ok! This is great to read that their pregnancy tests are legit, I always have noticed them but when I have needed one, I have opted for Target as I wondered if they're accurate. Now I know!! ;)
    1. I Highly recommend their pregnancy tests, especially if you're trying. No sense in paying $15+ dollars when you can buy them for $1 each. Only brand I'll personally use.
  38. I wouldn't recommend getting Purina dog treats. Yeah, great price- can't beat that for the quantity. But the quality is what's scary... Purina, like many other name brand dog food/treat companies, include very harmful chemicals in their recipes. Same chemicals you could find in embalming products, to manufacture rubber, etc. FDA allows this to pass. And even without toxin levels present- these recipes contain very little actual nutritional value to your dog. Of course, not everyone considers this or is too concerned, or can even afford it. But considering that dogs are a part of our families, we would want to feed them healthily just as we would our own bodies. Think about this: Wolves in captivity, their lifespan can be that of 20 years- dogs are descendants of wolves, therefore should be having similar lengthy lifespans. Toxins cause cancer in humans, and therefore dogs as well. Something to consider!(:
  39. Dollar Tree currently has two brands of WONDERFUL lemon scented bar soap made with vegetable oils. They smell great and are mild enough to even use on your face. Both are made in the USA.
  40. Thanks for the list... i LOVE my dollar tree some of the things I would add is that the toys are pretty much all a don't buy.... the kids usually are just super sad when they break on the car ride home. But the yellow sponges I LOVE... i cut each sponge in half and use them to wash off dishes before going into the dishwasher and such and don't hesitate when I am done and it's time to throw them away because I have plenty more and I only spent 1 buck on them. Also I have had pretty good success with the tongs for cooking and the silverware which stockpiled my little brothers dorm room and no one cared if they got thrown away by accident ;-) but the foam board is really junky and cheap so I wouldn't waste my money on that if you have a project that will involve you using markers on it, the paper on top of the foam board just wrinkles up and peels right off.
  41. I agree with most. The batteries are fine if you don't need them to last a long time. Some times they last longer than other times. Another thing to avoid would be their crayons. The larger ones suck and are just too waxy and you don't get good coloring out of them. They have some great medical supplies, but Walmart seems to have started carrying the "Assured" brand and charging .88 cents for them. (like benedryl, tylenol, etc) So I guess it's not the best deal anymore. I'd avoid the generic hand soaps and body washes- they don't produce much of the suds that kinda make you feel like you actually washed your hands, etc. The fabric softener sheets are great. Laundry detergent sucks, it always smells kind of rotten. Love the aluminum pans. I make a lot of cakes and it's nice to get two for $1. Then I don't have to worry about getting my cake pans back. They're a little flimsy, you just have to be careful. I seem to have purchased pretty much everything in the store. :) Any questions, I'd be happy to answer if I've bought them! Hope this helps some!
  42. Do not buy Dollar Tree glue sticks or crayons. The glue sticks are rubbery and the kids think they are dried up and announce that they "don't work". The crayons are waxy, do not color well, and sometimes are not a true color (meaning the red colors as pink). I have gotten some really great stuff in Dollar Tree to use in my classroom.

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