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Little ones are full of creativeness and imagination and sometimes they get to involved in the electronics and forget about the simplier things in the toy world.  I have 3 little ones in my home aged 4, 3 and 9 months and having them interact together is so important to me.  Every time we have gone to the doctor’s office for a well and sick visit my kids are always excited to play with the roller coaster toys and I love that more than one child can play at a time.  I was so excited when I found out I was getting the opportunity to review 2 fantastic items from Toys that Inspire and I knew my children would be beyond excited.  We received the Cutie Cube and Mini Rollercoaster which are suitable for children of all ages and the quality of the items are fantastic.  As you can see in the picture above my 9 month old daughter and 4 year old son enjoyed playing with the mini Rollercoaster instead of the assortment of toys in the background.

Toys that Inspire are bringing you the highest quality toys and fantastic customer service which are two very important things to be found in a company.  Their manufacturing top-quality waiting room toys that are sought after by kids of all ages.  When children head to the doctor or dentist they’re always more prone to go to the roller coaster bead maze toy instead of the play kitchen set up because it’s fun for kids.  I remember when I was younger these were the toys I always loved to play with and they just provided a sense of simplistic enjoyment that brought a smile to my face.  That was back in the 1990’s and I feel with the generation today kids don’t get to enjoy the simple toys that provide such pleasure.


The Cutie Cube provides hours of enjoyment and learning for little ones aged 2+.  There are 5 different activities on the cutie cube and it’s big enough that it can be played with by multiple children at one time.  The activities are award-winning educational toys that will teach your child something new every time they play with it.  The activities on the Cutie Cube are classics such as Pathfinder, Gears, Ziggidy Zag, Magnet Circle Express and two bead maze tracks.  I love that toys like this one will keep children entertained and they don’t even realize their learning at the same time.  Kids are playing, learning, enhancing their minds, challenging fine motor skills, learning shapes and colors, hand eye coordination and learning to problem solve.  My 4 year old son took to this toy really well and quickly and caught on to all activities pretty fast.  His favorite activity is the Magnet Circle Express and he can seriously play it for hours!  The Cutie Cube can be purchased for just $32.99 here.


The Mini Rollercoaster was a childhood favorite of mine and I’m so glad to see it’s still around.  It really brings a huge smile to my face seeing  my youngest and oldest children playing together with this toy and although it says its suitable for children aged 2+ it’s perfect for my 9 month old daughter.  The beads are colorful and vibrant and are perfect for little hands to guide them along the roller coaster maze.  Perfect for developing visual tracking, hand/eye coordination and shape & color recognition.  This toy is perfect for the home, playroom, waiting room, classroom or doctor’s office and will be loved by kids of all ages.  I feel you’re never to old to enjoy the Mini Roller coaster.  Made of high quality materials and is a must have.  The Mini Rollercoaster can be purchased for just $32.99 here.

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