1,000 Meal Giveaway – 50 Chances to Win!

Diet To Go sweeps

Have you looked in the mirror lately and have just been so unhappy with the image you see?  I have recently been going through that since I had my daughter, Madison, 3 months ago.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to lose weight but really who has the time with kids, work and other social outings?  We’ll if you’re like me and looking for a diet that works and saves you time you’re going to want to give Diet-to-go a try.  Diet-to-go is the number 1 rated weight loss meal company and their menu looks absolutely delicious!  I’ve never heard of Diet-to-Go until recently and I love the ease of the program!  You’re getting real food with chef crafted meals for a very reasonable price.  Plus each day you’re getting three complete meals with the option of ten distinct meal delivery plans and a full substitution menu.  I have been browsing the menus and I think I’m going to give this program a try to jump start my weight loss since I just had a baby 3 months ago!  The reviews for Diet-to-go are very positive and that’s the most important part to trying a new dieting meal to go site!! Plus their offering 25% off for your first week’s meal by using promo code: NEWYEAR2014!  Give this one a try, I bet you won’t be disappointed, would love to hear your experiences as well!! Plus to kick this year off with a bang their giving away 1,000 meals this month, and tons of other awesome prizes! Enter for your chance to win either 1 or 1,000 meals, one month of free meals, free week of meals or a $50 Diet to Go gift card!! 

5 lucky winners will receive one month of free meals
20 winners will receive a free week of meals
25 winners will receive a $50 Diet-to-Go gift card

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