2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Review

The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander is the perfect car for an active family on the go.  I have a family of 6 and we always need ample room in our vehicle to house all of us, a stroller and all of our personal belongings. The Outlander allows me to haul around my 4 kids, my stroller, and everything else I need with lots of extra room for more. That is a dream come true.  In the middle row my 3 year old daughter is able to sit in her full convertible carseat, the middle seat remains open and my son is in his infant carseat.  In the back row both my boys 6 and 7 fit comfortably with their booster seats and have plenty of leg room! The thing I love best about the newest Mitsubishi outlander is the fact there is an optional fit for 7 passengers making it ideal for larger families.

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

The ample leg room is something to brag about and will accommodate individuals of all heights and sizes.  I’m 5’10 and so I definitely need lots of room in the front and I definitely got that during my week long drive.  The driver seat, passenger seat and back seats all recline to provide maximum comfort which I really love.  The back hatch can easily be opened with the touch of 1 button and can be closed with the touch of one button as well.  I really love this feature because when I’m out shopping with my kids I’m generally pushing a stroller, holding a toddlers hand and balancing my bags.  The last thing I have time for is to set everything down and open a hatch with my hands.  Plus now while I’m done loading the kids in the car I can press the button on the key and the back closes just like that.  Love!

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

This car was so much fun driving around and arrived in my favorite color of cars which is white.  It was a fun car to drive and my kids loved it as well, they really are your toughest critics.  This car is definitely a luxury to drive especially when it’s pouring down rain in not so sunny California this past week.  A smooth ride, heated seats and lots of room for my large family of 6.  What else is there to love, other than of course the navigation which is always my favorite feature in the cars I drive.

I love having navigation at the touch of my fingers because then I’m not being distracted trying to use the map feature on my phone.  Another thing I absolutely love is the backup camera.  Where I work I always have to parallel park and that isn’t always easy with cars coming from every which way and trying to squeeze in.  The backup camera allows me to parallel park in one shot and gives me green, yellow and red guidelines making it easy for even the most anxious person.

This car was so much fun to drive around and I loved having all the luxuries at my finger tips. If you’re looking for the next family friendly SUV this one is definitely for you!  With prices starting as low as $23,000 it’s a perfect price point for those bigger families.  Head over to your local Mitsubishi dealer as soon as you can.

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