30 ways to Organize your home office

Organizing my Home Office is one of my favorite things to do and it’s now complete thanks to the amazing quality and products from Staples Brand.  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Staples Brand Products.

There are clothes all over the living room, dishes in the sink, and pieces of play dough scattered across the floor! Let’s face it; we all have those days where the house is completely disorganized, but your home office doesn’t have to get that way. Here are 30 ways to Organize your home office so you have more time to pick up the clothes, do the dishes, or pick up pieces of play dough your kids decided to leave on the floor.  A lot of the products you’ll see featured in my Home Office are Staples Brand and I’m in love.

30 ways to Organize your home office

30 ways to Organize your home office

30 ways to Organize your home office

  1. Use Staples Rustic File Holders to organize your backdrops for photos and vinyl for projects.  I love that I was able to roll my backdrops and vinyl and place them nicely in the file holders and display them proudly in my home office.
  2. Use Staples Colored File Folders for important information that you need daily.  These are perfect for my blogging contracts, bills, to do lists, project ideas and lots more.
  3. Use the Staples Academic Planner to plan your day.  Be sure to write down important due dates, project ideas, upcoming appointments, school events, days off, bills due and lots more.  I have to write everything down or I’d be forgetting so many important dates.
  4. Get control over your paperwork clutter before it controls you, this can easily be done by using the gorgeous Staples Rustic Letter Tray.  Goes perfectly on the edge of my desk.
  5. Use the Staples Rustic Letter Sorter to display thank you cards at an easy reach on your desk.  I love to send out thank you notes to friends and family and having them on my desk makes it so much easier to remember.
  6. Make use of labels. Label everything, so it is easy to find later on.
  7. Store your Staples Copy Paper and Staples Cover Stock Paper in the Staples Rustic Magazine holders for easy storage.  They look great displayed on my white shelving.
  8. It’s so important to save all of your documents, posts, pictures and files on a flash drive and I’m loving the Staples 64GB flash drive.  It’s big enough to hold all my important stuff and love that I can easily load it between my laptop and desktop computer.
  9. Make sure you have accessories close by for paperwork and blogging.  Two of my favorite products are definitely the Staples Gray Mouse Pad (it’s super soft) and the Staples OOPs Correction Pens.
  10. Use your wall space. Instead of piling everything on your desk, make shelves hang on the wall above your desk.
  11. Use twist ties to keep cords and wires from looking messy.
  12. Place things you use often on your desk for quick access such as the Staples 8 digit Calculator and Staples one touch Stapler.
  13. Get a file box for an easy filing system.
  14. Gather information that is in Waiting and put it in a folder labeled WOR (waiting on a response).
  15. Keep everything that is not a daily necessity off your desk.
  16. Get rid of junk mail as it enters your house. Don’t just lay everything on your desk.
  17. Organize your email lists. Put emails from clients into their own folders so you can easily find them.
  18. Make sure all your electronics are plugged into a proper Staples 6 Outlet Surge Protector.  It’s so important to use a surge protector in case of a power outage.  I’m now able to plug in my computer, printer, silhouette cutter, lamp and scentsy candle.
  19. Set a time to file your paperwork once a week. Don’t let things pile up.
  20. Avoid putting knick knacks in your office space as this takes up the room and adds clutter.
  21. Make spreadsheets keep work organized, highlighting work that has been completed.
  22. Backup your email lists and contacts into a cloud, so you can access it from any computer and save space in your filing system.
  23. Put out of date documents such as taxes and mortgage statements in a bin that can go in the garage or attic.
  24. Organize your resources into binders and categories so you can easily look at them as you work.
  25. Always keep a pad of paper and a pen on your desk for easy access when getting important contacts.
  26. Use an online calendar to save space on your desk. If you need to visually see it, hang it on a wall or the fridge.
  27. Make use of awkward spaces by creating shelves for storage.
  28. Use a tackle box to organize small items such as paperclips, staples, push pins, and stickers.
  29. Organize desk drawers using small baskets to divide them up into categories.
  30. Keep tax information all in one area. It should be separated from everything else such an according to the filing
  31. Expand your workplace to a room or bigger area to reduce clutter.

Home Office Organization2

When it comes to organizing your home office, it is essential to a productive environment. What other tips do you have for organizing your home office?

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Staples Brand Products.

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