Beating Closet Clutter with Closet Organization

I teamed up with Tuesday Morning to bring you a Spring Cleaning for Kids’ Room Organization.  I was provided with a gift card for my shopping but all photos, thoughts and opinions are my own.


Spring is one of my favorite times of year!  The seasons are changing, the birds are chirping and it’s a great time to get some deep Spring Cleaning done.  This Spring I wanted to focus all of my energy on my daughter’s room because she has so many things and not enough organization for her room.

It’s amazing how much stuff a little lady can accumulate.  We have racks and racks of clothing, socks, hats, mittens, shoes, boots, blankets, stuffed animals, baby dolls, momentum memories, hair accessories and lots more.  I love to keep all of these items confined to her closet behind closed doors to keep the mess out of sight but it’s time to tackle the mess and get organized.

When I found out I was having a girl I wanted the most glorious custom closet for Madison so we did a custom closet system.  The closet system features 6 rods for hanging clothes, 2 small drawers and 5 shelves that are bare and dying for some adorable boxes.  We decided to paint her room pink and make it a Paris theme but never had much luck finding anything Paris related for organization until now.  On a recent trip to Tuesday Morning I was browsing around the store for organizational ideas and found tons of the most gorgeous Paris Boxes.



Boxes are so perfect for home organization because they can conceal the clutter but be displayed as gorgeous pieces of home décor pieces.  I love to keep my daughter’s closet open so we can easily find things and now I can keep it open and show it off with pride.

When I saw these Paris themed boxes I was so excited and bought every single one I saw.  I purchased 3 different Paris sets that have smaller boxes that could be nested on the inside making traveling a breeze.  I also purchased an adorable Owl chest that I knew would be perfect for my daughter’s favorite baby dolls and a matching step stool to go along with it.  Every little girl loves an adorable owl pattern right?

I spent a total of 2 hours browsing around Tuesday Morning to make sure they had everything I wanted and needed and headed to checkout.  I was able to grab 10 items for my daughter’s spring cleaning organizational project for a total of $97.90 for 10 items, that’s a total steal.




Let’s take a look at Madison’s cluttered closet.  I, for one, hate clutter so this organizational project couldn’t have come at a better time.  Her crib sheets and mattress protectors were tossed up on the top shelf, two of her shelves were filled with shoes and boots taking up lots of space.  The bottom of the closet had all her baby dolls thrown into a little hole and it was always such a mess.  The bottom right rack was filled with empty hangers and has wasted space.  To start the Spring cleaning I removed everything from Madison’s shelving as well as those items that were in pre-existing basket and tossed everything on the floor.  I made 2 Piles for keep and donate to help keep me organized.  All her shoes that she has outgrown were tossed in the donate pile as well as a few blankets since she has way too many.  Most of the items were for keeping so we needed to have plenty of storage boxes to hide all the clutter we needed to keep.




I purchased a total of 8 Paris themed boxes from Tuesday morning and I opened them all up and laid them out on the floor.  I filled the boxes up with baby dolls, shoes, boots, blankets, baby personal care items, hair accessories, dress up costumes, unused hangers and stuffed animals.  After I filled up all the boxes I placed them in the best places so it looked completely organized and everything flowed together.  How do you think this Spring Cleaning Organization turned out for my daughter’s closet?  I think I did a fantastic job and now I’m in love with her closet.  Best of all these Paris boxes can be used in her closet or in her room as she gets older and her needs change!  Thanks so much for following along and I hope I inspired you to head to your local Tuesday Morning and start your Spring Cleaning soon!

The completed closet looks amazing!

Curious what items I purchased from Tuesday Morning?  Below you can find a list of everything I purchased as well as my price paid and what I would have paid if I purchased them somewhere else.

Spring Cleaning Organization with Tuesday Morning purchase list:

  • Pink Owl Step Stool – My price $19.99 compared to $34.00
  • Small Brown Paris Themed Box – My price $7.99 compared to $18.00 elsewhere
  • Medium Brown Paris Themed Box – My price $8.99 compared to $20.00 elsewhere
  • Owl Chest – My price $9.99 compared to $20.00 elsewhere
  • Pink small Paris Themed Box – My price $6.99 compared to $14.00 elsewhere
  • Pink Medium Paris Themed Box – My price $7.99 compared to $16.00 elsewhere
  • Black Chalkboard Medium Paris Themed Box – My price $8.99 compared to $20.00 elsewhere
  • Large Brown Paris Themed Box – My Price $9.99 compared to $22.00 elsewhere
  • Black Chalkboard Large Paris Themed Box – My price $9.99 compared to $22.00 elsewhere
  • Black Paris sign – My price $6.99 compared to $15.00 elsewhere

So by shopping at my local Tuesday Morning I was able to complete my daughter’s closet Spring Cleaning Organization for a total of $97.90.  If I would have shopped elsewhere and bought the same exact items my Spring Cleaning closet organization would have cost a total of $201.00.  Wow that’s a savings of $103.10.  Every little bit helps especially when you have an entire area to organize.  What room will you be tackling for Spring Cleaning? Be sure to browse your nearest Tuesday morning to see what you can find.  Find your local store here.

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