Bringing the best back with Polly Pockets

“This post is sponsored by Mattel, but all opinions are my own.”

One of the best parts of my childhood was the amazing toys I got to play with.  If I wasn’t playing outside with my brothers or my friends then I was inside playing with the newest toys.  If you’re wondering what my favorite toys were, the obvious answer is Polly Pockets. If you were a child in the 90’s, you most definitely know what I’m talking about.  We all remember the adorable little Polly Pocket sets with different themes that were small enough to put in your pocket. Anytime I left my house I packed up my Polly Pocket sets and went on my way.  These were easy to set up and I could literally play with them for hours and hours.

Now, fast forward around 30 years and I was so excited to introduce Polly Pockets to my daughter, Madison.  She loves using her imagination and playing with toys just like these. Upon arrival, we opened up the box and pulled out each set one by one.  Watching her expression was the best part. She looked like she was in pure happiness and delight and couldn’t wait to open them up and start playing!

The Polly Pocket Hidden Places Dance Par-taay! case was so much fun!  The dolls could have a dance party and came with and an adorable car you could drive around.  My daughter loved this set and was fascinated by all the detailing. The Polly Pockets Sweet Treat Cupcake Cafe was themed and came with the most gorgeous dolls, pretend cupcake shop, and enjoying the opening fridge, stove and more. It also comes with a pretty cute Vespa as well that my daughter drove around for about an hour. One of my favorites was the Polly Pockets World Snow Secret Surprise- It’s like a massive ski resort folded into your pocket.

You can create your own Polly Pocket world, set up all the cases and party hop from one to another.  We have a skateboarder, singer and more! Which set are you loving the most?

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Polly Pockets are still as adorable as I remember them from when I was a child and they have only gotten even better.  The items are realistic looking, the themes are adorable, and the dolls are able to stick to different surfaces. Not to mention the perfect size for your child’s little hands! Have you seen the Polly Pockets lately? These are sold exclusively at Walmart in the toy aisle or and you’re child is going to fall in love with every single one.  I asked my daughter which one was her favorite and she said, “All of them are my favorite Mommy!” Best of all, these are affordable and make the most perfect birthday and Christmas gifts!

Did you play with Polly Pockets when you were a child?  It was loads of fun and I can still remember my sets I played with to this day.  These are the times I love having a daughter and reminiscing with her on the good times I had as a child.

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