Celebrating Halloween with Pillsbury

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pillsbury™.  All thoughts and photos are mine.

If you’ve been following my blog over the years than you’ll know one of my favorite things to do is be in my kitchen with my kids.  When we first moved into this home we made our dream kitchen so it’d be laid out perfectly for my ongoing cooking and baking that I do weekly.  We have a giant island that allows all 4 of the kids to sit around and help out whenever they can and that’s what makes baking the most fun.  With the holidays quickly approaching I thought it was time to start working on some Halloween treats we’ll be featuring at our Halloween party.  

Creating memories in the kitchen is what our family does best and I was so excited to make some delicious and oh so easy Pillsbury Ready to Bake!™ Pumpkin Shape™ Sugar Cookies.  We headed to our local Walmart to grab some stuff and loaded up our cart with a few boxes of these.  The Ready to Bake!™ feature is so ideal because my kids think it’s the best thing ever to line them all up on the cookie tray.  Added bonus no mess is done in your kitchen.  

Once they were lined up on the cookie sheet we followed the instructions on the package to get our golden brown pumpkin shape sugar cookies and then removed and allowed to cool.  Once they were cooled down the kids grabbed a spatula and started slattering green frosting all over the top of the cookie than covered it in sprinkles.  Add the top with another cookie and you have the most adorable Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Sandwiches that are sure to be a hit with your party goers.  

Whenever we want to bake something delicious in the kitchen whether it’s for dinner or dessert we always turn to our favorite products from Pillsbury.  These goodies are delicious and always come out perfectly when following the directions.  I can’t say enough amazing things about this brand and I know if you haven’t tried it yet you’ll be in love too.

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