Choosing the Best Bottle for your newborn

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Bottle Feeding Concerns and How to Solve Them

I am a veteran mom. This is my fourth go around and I hate to brag, but I am getting good at it. All my kids took bottles, some of them suffered from colic and I didn’t know why at the time. With a little more experience, I started to understand why the bottles I was using could have caused an upset stomach with my babies.  You only want the best for your little ones and that means paying attention to their needs very carefully and choosing the right bottle from the beginning.  There is nothing worse than a baby suffering from colic!


Too Much Air

When babies get too much air in their tummies, it can cause an upset stomach. The goal is to get as much food into their tummies and not as much air. The bottles I have used in the past didn’t help with this. My babies would eat fast and the bottle did not stop their air from getting in their tummies.


Burping at Just the Right Time

Sometimes my babies would get their food so quickly that I didn’t have time to burp them. I used to stop and burp and sometimes I’d burp at the end. I realized that every baby is different. Each baby takes in food differently. Some need to stop and be burped, and others can wait until the end. As the baby gets older, the burping does not need to be done as often.

Wash Out the Bottle Thoroughly

I learned over time that a quick bottle rinse wasn’t going to cut it. You need to take the bottle fully apart and rinse it. Bacteria can get reach small crevices in the bottle, which is why washing it with hot soap and water is helpful!

Use the Right Bottle

When it comes down to making sure your baby doesn’t have colic and avoids getting air in their tummies. My all-time favorite bottle has been the Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle. This bottle is designed to reduce gas and colic with the Airflex venting system.

One of my favorite parts is there are fewer parts for easy cleaning and assembly – only 4 parts total: bottle, cap, nipple and ring which holds the nipple in place. Also, the ribbed texture prevents nipple collapse for uninterrupted feeding.

Babies fed with Philips Avent anti-colic bottles experienced 60% less fussing at night, than babies fed with a leading competitor’s vented bottle. *At 2 weeks of age, babies fed with a Philips Avent bottle showed a trend to less colic compared to a conventional bottle and a significant reduction in fussing at night compared to babies fed with another leading bottle.


Sarah Chalke and Philips Partnership

Philips Avent partnered with actress and new mom Sarah Chalke this year to learn about her experience with colic with her first child and how she’s trusting Philips Avent to ensure the best feeding experience for her new daughter, Frankie. 

Check out Sarah’s review of the bottle!

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