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Cool Gear is providing families and individuals with the most amazing products for on the go!  Our family is constantly on the go and it’s great to be able to grab a cup full of my favorite beverage and run out the door.  I love that Cool Gear cups are spill proof so I can toss it in my purse or diaper bag and head out.  The little ones can drink in my car without worrying about spilling which is so nice.  I love that everyone can enjoy their favorite beverage and it won’t cause any unnecessary messes.  We were provided with 4 different and unique cups to enjoy and I am loving every single one of them.

The Blue 16 oz Square Burst Cool Gear Can is the manly can that any man would love for everyday use.  My husband uses it daily for his water, powerades and coffees.  In the morning he just removes the lid, fills with his favorite beverage and places the lid back on.  With the easy slide opening he ensures his beverages stay cold or warm and he won’t have any spills on the way to work.  There is nothing worse than having a can of soda in your car and stopping to fast or hitting a bump and having liquid splash all over your dashboard.  The easy open slider is ensuring that won’t happen.  This cup can be purchased for only $9.99 here.  This can would make an excellent Father’s Day gift from the kids.  It’s affordable, unique and will last a long time!

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The Cheetahlicious 16 oz Cool Gear Can is my favorite new go to cup!  I have been drinking everything from iced water to chai teas in it and it’s perfect for on the way to work, at work, at appointments and home use.  I love anything Cheetah/Leopard so when I saw this cup I just had to have it and Cool Gear made that happen for this review.  It’s easy to use, holds 16 oz of your favorite drink and comes with the option of sipping from a straw that includes a stopper so the straw can’t be yanked out or use the easy to open/close slide lid.  This cup is amazing and I get so many comments on it daily.  It’s a unique cup that has replaced my boring travel mugs!  BPA free and dishwasher safe makes rinsing it out super easy. This can comes in a variety of other prints that I’m sure you’ll fall in love with.


The Leopard Love 12 oz Cool Gear Can with straw is the cutest little cup which is also great for traveling.  Sometimes I just want a small drink so this is my go to cup for that.  The print is adorable featuring leopard and hearts in fun vibrant colors and it’s definitely a crowd pleaser.  Comes with a fun pink straw and includes the easy to open/close spill proof lid.  Unlike the other 2 cups this one is hand wash only but that’s fine it’s still super easy to clean.  The Leopard Love can comes in a variety of other prints and can be purchased for just $8.99 here.


Now onto the fun cups for the kids.  We received the Cool Zooey Flip Tops 12.5 oz bottle featuring an adorable bear character.  Choose from 4 character designs that are sure to be a real pleaser for your kids.  Perfect for road trips for those little ones.  This easy to use cup features a flip straw cap and is now my 4 year old son’s favorite cup to use whether he’s at home, school or in the car.  Holds just the right amount of liquid and includes a non-toxic gel filled freezer stick which ensures your drinks will stay cold.  This cup is adorable and is the perfect cup for school lunches, I love the flip top straw lid because the drinks don’t spill and the straw stays clean. Cleaning it out is easy and it’s dishwasher safe.  This is definitely a top rated kid cup that every little one should have!  Check out the 4 character cups here and grab one for only $5.99.

Cool Gear is selling more than just awesome travel cups!  They’re also known for their snack grabbers, beer mugs, margarita glasses, tumblers, lunchbags, sandwich reusable baggies and more!  This is your one stop shop for all your traveling needs!


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