How to: Cut Watermelon into kid friendly pieces


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Ever wonder how to cut a Watermelon in an easy, quick way that is easy for kids to eat it?  I have a 3 and 4 year old in the house and they LOVE Watermelon so I decided to cut my Watermelon into kid friendly sticks which is surprisingly less messy.  The process is so easy and you’ll wonder why you never though of this before!  Tip: When picking your Watermelon be sure it has a yellow patch a.k.a. “the ground spot” that means it’s ripe and juicy.

We chose a personal sized seedless watermelon to make this easy


Cut your watermelon in half.


Place watermelon down on cutting board and get ready to cut your sticks


Cut Watermelon down the middle with a sharp knife


Continue cutting every 2-3 inches on the Right and Left side


Turn the Watermelon and cut every 2-3 inches again


There you go, Kid friendly Watermelon pieces.  After cutting (and eating a few) I place all the Watermelon in a ziploc baggie and stored in the fridge.  Easy right?!


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