Dinosaur Kids Valentine’s with Free Printable

Valentines Day is right around the corner and creating the most perfect Valentine is key for the little ones.  This year I wanted to make Valentine’s that were perfect for little boys and girls and best of all the dinosaurs only cost $1.00 for a pack of 20!  Keep reading to find out how to created these Dinosaur Kids Valentine’s this year.

Dinosaur Kids Valentine's

Every year I try to top the previous homemade Valentines for my kids to hand out and this year I found the most perfect ones.  Thanks to endless hours of Pinterest searching I found a great inspiration to create my very own RAWR! You’re such a DINO-MITE friend! using Microsoft word and a pack of dinosaurs from the dollar section at Target.  These were so easy to make and I know your kids will have a blast handing them out.  Enjoy.

DIY Dinosaur Kids Valentine’s

Supplies Needed:


Head over and print out the free DINO-MITE printable I created for you.  Be sure to cut around the dotted lines, it’s your choice if you want the dotted lines to be present or not.  Each sheet prints out 3 Valentine’s and you’re free to print as many as you would like.  Once they are cut lay them out on a flat surface and add a glob of hot glue or E6000 to the back of the Dinosaurs and firmly place on your Valentine’s for a total of 1 minute or so.  Allow to try over night before handing them out.  These were so easy to make that after I designed them and cut them out my kids were able to do all the assembling of the dinosaurs themselves.  Now have yourself a fantastic Valentine and enjoy all the money you saved not buying boxed cards this year!

Dinosaur Kids Valentines1

Dinosaur Kids Valentines2

Dinosaur Kids Valentines3

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