DIY Chic Makeup Brush Holder

DIY Chic Makeup Brush Holder final

I’ve always been crafty at heart and I absolutely love up-cycling glass mason jars to give them a décor that fits with my style.  Since we moved into our new home I got luck and finally have an office to myself that I’m decorating with whites, mint greens, blacks and gold.  I wanted to bring in some of my own craftiness into my office so I decided to whip up this DIY Chic Makeup Brush Holder which also doubles as a pen/pencil holder for my desk.  With my favorite Matte Black Spray Paint and my favorite Gold Glitter I have a gorgeous piece that will fit in any home décor setting.

DIY Chic Makeup Brush Holder final1

DIY Chic Makeup Brush Holder

What you need:

  • Mason Jar (Purchase here)
  • Krylon Flat Black Spray Paint (Purchase here)
  • Elmer’s Spray Adhesive Glue
  • Gold Glitter
  • Washi Tape (optional)

In a well ventilated area lay out your mason jar open side down on a piece of paper.  Shake up your black spray paint and carefully sprayed the entire glass jar in a downward motion.  Allow to dry for 10 minutes before apply a 2nd coat.  I only applied 2 coats and was beyond please with the coverage.  Allow to dry outside for 20 minutes before bringing into your home.  Now it’s time to add the massive amount of glitter to your pretty new matte black mason jar.  I applied washi tape around the center of the jar to create a straight line for my spray adhesive and glitter to go.  Once the washi tape was in place I sprayed the spray adhesive all the way around and immediately applied my glitter.  Tip: Lay a paper plate under your workspace to catch the excess glitter.  Once the excess glitter is caught you can easily pour it back into the container so you’re not wasting any!  Allow to dry for 10 minutes.  Since I’m first going to use this as a makeup brush holder I added in vase filler to keep my brushes upright.  Enjoy.

DIY Chic Makeup Brush Holder Supplies

DIY Chic Makeup Brush Holder paint

DIY Chic Makeup Brush Holder supplies1

DIY Chic Makeup Brush Holder line

DIY Chic Makeup Brush Holder glitter

The versatility of this project is amazing and it can be used as a makeup brush holder, flower vase, pencil holder, crafts rooms and lots more.

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