DIY Glass Gumball Filled Lamp

I have a serious passion for DIY, crafts, decorating, gardening and cooking. I have 3 little ones which keeps me very busy but there is always time for the stuff I am passionate about. How many of you out there love that rewarding feeling of when are done with a project and it comes out amazing? I know I do.

DIY Glass Gumball Filled Lamp

Lately I have busy working on my 2 year old daughters room. She loves everything girlie, which has been super fun after always doing boy rooms. Who wouldn’t be excited to for that. for her room I wanted it to be a combination of shabby chic and classic with a little modern twist.

Every night before bed we read her a story and I felt like it was to bright with the ceiling light on. So I knew we needed a lamp. I started to look around at stores and wasn’t finding anything that jumped out to me. Then one day at TJ Maxx I saw a glass lamp full of cotton balls. I thought wow what a great idea. After seeing that I went to Target to see is they had any glass fillable lamps that would open up. They had a glass fillable lamp for $14.99 and I grabbed a lamp shade for $12.99. I started to walk around brain storming what I could fill it with. I walked into there craft area which is right buy the party supplies area. There in the party supplies area I found gumballs of all different colors that were $5.00. The aqua color was on clearance for $2.50.  I grabbed one bag of pink and one aqua. When I got home I started to put this all together right away. Its so simple and easy maybe takes 10 minutes. Now thats not bad for DIY.

Supplies Needed:

  • Glass Fillable Lamp
  • Lamp Shade
  • Light bulb
  • Filling – I used gumballs


How to Directions:

The first thing you want to do is in screw that top of your lamp. Be very careful to not unscrew the bottom. Once you have the top unscrewed, off and all papers pulled out you can then start to fill your lamp. I mixed my gumballs together. At first I put all of the gumballs into my fillable lamp, it seemed way too full and too much aqua. So then I did all the pink and half the aqua gumballs, which I liked a lot better. Really its a personal choice on how much you want to fill it. Then screwed the top back on, put a light bulb in and plugged that sucker in. I love that way it turned out and so does my daughter she spotted in in her room right away.

Other things you could fill you fillable lamp with would be buttons (how cute would that be on a sewing craft space) spools of thread, pipe cleaners, bouncy balls, flowers, leaves, craft puff balls etc.

DIY Glass Gumball Filled Lamp process

Hope I left you feeling inspired. Make sure to share back your ideas what you could fill a fillable lamp with. If you make a fillable lamp please share how yours turned out.

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