DIY Tissue Pom-Poms

With my daughter’s 1st birthday fast approaching I am making all of her party decorations to stick to my budget!  I have already made the dotted garland and now just created the DIY Tissue Pom-Poms which are not only perfect for birthday parties but are perfect for nursery decor, bedroom decoration and more.  The color choices are endless it really depends on your favorite colors or party theme and you can go to town making big and small pom-poms.  I really hope you’ll enjoy this tutorial and use it for your next event.

Tissue Pom Poms


  • Tissue Paper (Any Color)
  • Fishing Line (Any clear string will do)
  • Scissors


Unfold your tissue paper long ways and cut directly down the middle to create 2 small pom-poms.

Once your have unfolded your tissue paper keep all the paper together and begin to fold in an accordion style.

Once you have completed folded it tie the clear string down the middle of the tissue (while still in accordion style)

After you have securely tied off the middle cut the edges to a rounded tip. (This will give the pom-pom it’s style)

After that is complete you will start to pull the tissue paper apart piece by piece.

Once all pieces have been seperated from one another you will start to fluff to your liking to form your Pom-Pom.

That’s it.  Have some fun make some colorful, fun pom-poms for your next event or room decor.

Process Photos:

Tissue Pom Pom Assembly

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