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From the moment I was told I was having a girl I was so excited.  After 2 little boys I needed a little girl to dress up in gorgeous headbands and fluffy tutus and do her hair in pigtails as she got older.  Playing dress up with your daughter has got to be every mother’s dream and my wish came true.  At our 18 week appointment we were told It’s a GIRL! and I immediately ran to the store after our appointment and bought a pair of pink shoes, a pink dress and a handful of adorable headbands.  My daughter was born in September and I placed a girly, over the top headband on her head within hours of her being born.  Madison has so many headbands in her closet which are cute but their not my style and not designed by me.  I figured I would just start making her headbands on my own so I could pick the elastics and the flowers or the bows and everything to customize it to my liking and I found the ultimate Do-it-yourself kit that is over the top and needed by every mother that has a girl.  Whether your daughter was just born or is 14 years old there is always room for a beautiful headband or barrette to style their hair in an adorable way.  Now you can match your daughter’s headbands to her outfits in any color scheme your love and adore.

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Sunshine Shoppe is an amazing wholesale craft supply online store that sells a huge assortment of hair accessories among many other things.  Today we’re focusing on the DIY hair accessory kits with pricing ranging from $8.99 to $79.99 and believe me you’re getting an amazing deal with these kits!  I received the Ballerina hair accessory kit as well as the Coral Reef hair accessory kit both of which were amazing.  These kits come with every thing you would need to create 40-50 headband or hair clips for your little girl.  The Ballerina kit is full of your traditional ballerina colors featuring white, pink, black and grey and comes with a variety of flowers, bows, elastic, clips and embellishments.  This kit is seriously every mother’s and little girls dream, it’s pure heaven.  I am beyond excited to see the end result of all the hair accessories when I have completed both kits.  These kits are perfect for home use, birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers and if you’re getting started in your own hair accessory crafting business.  So find your favorite kit and let your creative side go wild, I sure did.


Aside from the Ballerina kit and the Coral Reef kit you can choose from a huge amount of color schemes such as: Vintage, Nautical, Primary Rainbow, Pastel Rainbow, Princess, Autumn Harvest, Sweetheart, Jingle Bells, Elegant, Beach Blast, Spring has Sprung, Witch’s Brew, Safari, U.S.A. and Pretty in Purple.  There is a kit for every single girl out there no matter what their style may be.  I know so many mommies that are going to be in heaven when this review goes live because it is simply amazing and perfect.  The price of $79.99 for everything you are receiving is a steal of a deal that you won’t find anywhere else other than the Sunshine Shoppe.  As if these prices were amazing every Monday the Sunshine Shoppe launches a huge sale of select items on their facebook page and sometimes these DIY hair accessory kits are marked 50% off which is an amazing deal.  Shop the facebook sale for amazing items like elastics, barrettes, chiffon flowers, bows, DIY Accessory kits and lots more.




The Ballerina Kit comes with the following items:

  • 8 Yards of 3/8 th Inch Elastic – 2 yards of each color Pink, Light Pink, White and Black
  • 8 Yards of 1/8 th inch Skinny Elastic – 2 Yards of each color Pink, Light Pink, White and Black
  • 4 Yards of 1 inch Lace – 2 yards of Light Pink and Black
  • 4 Yards of Printed Elastic – 2 Yards of Pink Ballerina and Light Pink Ballerina
  • 10 Lined Clips – 2 of each Light Pink, Pink, Black, Ivory and White
  • Ballerina Button Bundle – 3 Buttons
  • 2 Bitty Buttons – 1 Pink and 1 Clear
  • 2 Square Buttons – 1 Pink and 1 Clear
  • 2 Chevron Chiffon Fabric Bows – Light Pink Chevron and Black Chevron
  • 4 Phoebe Flowers – 1 of each Silver, Black, White and Baby Pink
  • 2 Large Grosgrain Bows – 1 of each Pink and Light Pink
  • 3 Lace Tutu Flowers – 1 of each Silver/Pink, Black and Light Pink
  • 8 1.5 inch Rolled Satin Flowers – 2 of each Silver, Light Pink, White and Black
  • 3 Chiffon Blossom Flowers – 1 of each Light Pink, Light Pink with Grey Dot, and White
  • 5 Chiffon Puffs – 1 of each Black, Silver, Light Pink, Peachy Pink, and White
  • 3 Fancy Bows – 1 of each Black, Silver, and Pink
  • 3 Ballerina Flowers – 1 of each Light Pink Dot, Charcoal and White
  • 3 Petal Puffs – 1 of each White, Light Pink and Black
  • 3 Silky Satin Bows – 1 of each color Light Pink, White and Black
  • 4 Shabby Ballerina Flowers – 1 of each Pink, Light Pink, White and Silver
  • 10 Mini Shabby Flowers – 2 of each colors Light Pink Swirl, Candy, White, Black, Light Pink
  • 20 Regular Shabby Flowers – 2 of each color Pink Cloud, White Cloud, Grey Chevron, Hot Pink/White Dot, Candy Pink, White, Light Pink, Silver, Black, and Black/White Damask.
  • 1 Pearl Tiara – Light Pink
  • 1 Metal Tiara – Gold with Light Pink
  • Felt Circles
  • 24 – 2.5 inch
  • 40 – 2 inch
  • 40 – 1.5 inch


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