Ella’s Organic Baby Foods Review


Ella’s Baby Food products are a must have for any baby and even toddlers!  Ella’s foods are 100% organic and giving your baby only the best and there are no added ingredients, not even water, so your child is getting truly the best.  Madison is currently eating stage 2 foods and she loves Ella’s baby foods the best!  No matter what flavor she will gobble it down and be reaching for more.  The easy to use pouches are our favorite because their the perfect size to throw in the diaper bag as you’re running out of the house.  Place the pouches have a heat protectant so the nutrients of the foods are released.  The ease of the pouches Madison to “feed” herself or I can squeeze a little out at a time onto a spoon and feed her that way.  The squeeze pouches come equipped with child proof lids so you don’t have to worry about little ones choking.  Madisons’ need favorite product is the Wakey Wakey Mango, banana and strawberry baby cereal which is perfect for breakfast.  Just mix some warm milk and mix to your desired consistently and feed to baby in the morning or for a snack.  The puffits are delicious (yes I tried them) and their perfect for little ones.  Not only do they dissolve in the mouth quickly but they’re great for hand/eye coordination and allow baby to feed themselves.  The whole Ella’s Baby product line is our favorite and there isn’t a product Madison hasn’t liked.  Ella’s foods are sold nationwide and can be found at your local grocer or mass retailer store such as Target.  Plus right now their offering a $1.00 of Ella’s Baby Food product making them extremely cheap, yey.  Go here to grab the coupon.

The Ella’s Kitchen products range from stage 1 foods all the way to Ella’s stage 3 foods with a special diet of lactose free, vegetarian and gluten free included.

  • Stage 1 foods are ideal for babies aged 4-6 months of age
  • Stage 2 foods are ideal for babies aged 7-10 months
  • Stage 3 foods are ideal for babies aged 10 months +

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