FoodSaver 4800 Series Vacuum Sealer Review

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The brand new FoodSaver 4800 Series Vacuum Sealer is the first ever 2 in 1 system f or your kitchen.  If you could only have one kitchen appliance in your kitchen this is the one to have.  The FoodSaver is a great appliance that uses heat to seal bag and can store items such as left overs, meats, marinades and more with these leak-proof bags that will remove all the air to ensure fresh foods everytime.  We meal plan in our home quite often so I’m normally buying food in bulk, storing it in zip loc baggies and tossing in the freezer but the one downfall is most of the food gets freezer burn.  Nothing ruins a home cooked meal more than being filled with freezer burn and ruining the meat.  As soon as our new FoodSaver arrived I knew the possibilities this machine could provide and went and grab a bunch of meats such as chicken, pork and steaks and starting sorting and sealing.  Using this machine is super easy and fast and you get a leak-proof seal everytime with all air removed and zero chance of freezer burn.  Aside from preventing freezer burn the sealed bags provide excellent marinating abilities.  Now’s the time to toss those Ziploc baggies out because they don’t belong in the fridge or freezer anymore.  This vacuum sealing system will keep foods fresher up to 5x longer and will save families up to $2,700 a year.  The FoodSaver isn’t just for meats and marinades, it’s also perfect for freezing fruits and vegetables which are perfect for smoothies.

This FoodSaver sounds amazing right? and you already know you have to run out and grab one for all those meal plannings you have always wanted to do.  Now it’s going to get even better.  The FoodSaver 4800 series includes a canning attachment which is perfect for Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jars and is perfect for use with salads and pastas stored in mason jars for your weeks’ meals.  See my Mason Jar Salads here.  Did you know with this machine you can store foods in Mason Jars for easy to go meals on the run for up to 1 week and all contents will remain fresh?  I make salads for my husband and I for 1 week at a time and their still as fresh on day 7 as they are on day 1.   This sealer has so many perks and added accessories that can go with it you’ll have your kitchen under control, meals prepared and saving money before you know it.  The FoodSaver V4880 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System can be purchased for just $165.79 and in my opinion it’s worth every single penny.

The FoodSaver isn’t just meant for foods it’s perfect for sealing important documents like passports and birth certificates, keys, silverware, travel bottles and more.  There really isn’t this machine can’t do and that’s why you need one in your home.

  • Starter kit includes: 1 – 11 inch x 10 feet heat seal roll, 5 quart sized FoodSaver heat seal bags, 5 quart sized FreshSaver Zipper Bags, 1 wine stopper, 1 lunch & leftover container
  • BPA Free – Fully automatic operation auto detects FoodSaver® bag and starts vacuum sealing. Extra wide sealing strip that applies heat for a secure, air-tight seal. Pull out drip tray drawer catches overflow liquids which is also dishwasher safe.
  • Air-tight heat seal removes air from specially designed bags. 2 vacuum speeds automatically adjust based on food type, auto detect moist or dry food, Pulse Vac feature allows complete manual control of air removal.
  • Rapid marinate mode marinates in minutes instead of hours.Convenient rolls storage, and built in cutter to create custom-sized bags
  • Retractable handheld sealer, works with all FreshSaver bags and containers and FoodSaver canisters and marinators

A few of the add on accessories I recommend for this FoodSaver are below because they’ll make you life in the kitchen that much easier.

FoodSaver Quick Marinator
FoodSaver 3 Piece Round Canister Set
FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer, Wide Mouth

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