Kids Chore Chart free printable

chore chart

Allowing kids to help out with household chores is a great way to get them involved in helping out with the family and working towards a fun rewards.  For every good deed they do around they house they get a star or smiley face and at the end of the week they can get a special prize!  Click the link below to download the PDF file.

Enjoy a Free Printable Kid’s Chore Weekly Chore Chart!!  Grab it HERE!

2 thoughts on “Kids Chore Chart free printable

  1. Thank you for this great chore chart, I'm hoping this one sticks... maybe with the kids colouring their own happy face it'll motivate them to get ice cream (coconut bliss, they don't know it's good for them) for breakfast with berries. I've got two tough nuts, one day their amazing and the next three are... well, you know. ;)

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