Halloween Marshmallow Pops Recipe


Halloween is right around the corner and there is no better time than to start decorating delicious treats for your kiddos.  These easy to create Orange Halloween Marshmallow Pops are super easy to make and even the kids can help out!  So grab those sticks, marshmallows and chocolate and go to town this Halloween.  Perfect for birthday parties, halloween parties, class parties, after school treats and desserts!

Orange Halloween Marshmallow
Makes 8-­10 servings. 1 marshmallow = 1 serving

Ingredients Needed:

  • 10 large marshmallows
  • 10 Wilton candy sticks – get the thicker candy sticks, the thin one don’t hold the weight of the marshmallow and chocolate.
  • 12 oz. Wilton orange chocolate candy melts
  • Halloween sprinkles
  • 2 short cups/mugs to stand the marshmallows up in after dipping

Directions :

1. Insert one candy stick into the base of each marshmallow and set aside.

2. In a microwave safe dish, heat the orange chocolate candy melts in 30 second increments. Stir every 30 seconds until melted. My microwave took about 2 1⁄2 – 3 minutes. Let cool 3­4 minutes before dipping your marshmallows.

3. Dip each marshmallow one at a time in the orange chocolate. Use a small spoon to help cover the marshmallow completely if needed and let the excess chocolate drip back into the bowl.

4. Sprinkle the marshmallow with the Halloween sprinkles before the chocolate sets and stand the marshmallow up in the cup/mug.

5 Repeat steps #3 and #4 with all the marshmallows. Once they are all dipped and sprinkled place the mugs in the fridge for about 15­-20 minutes to allow the chocolate to harden.

If not serving immediately store in a cool dry are so the chocolate does not melt.



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