How to Maintain a Feeding Schedule While Traveling

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How to Maintain a Feeding Schedule While Traveling

Summer is here and that means my family will be on the road quite a bit. We love road trips, but keeping Landon on a feeding schedule can be a nightmare sometimes, while on the road. Here are some tips for maintaining a feeding schedule while traveling.

Leave at the right time

When it comes down to traveling with kids, leaving at the right time is important. Let’s say you leave right before breakfast, this leaves you time to feed your baby, without having to stop right away. Sometimes we travel at night because this means having to stop less for feedings.

Set a timer

When you’re traveling, you’re most likely to forget about simple things like a feeding schedule. I genuinely must remember to set a time for feeding times. This sounds crazy, but at home, you’re used to eating, sleeping, playing. On the road, things get a little more complicated. A simple time helps everyone to remember what the feeding schedule is.

Map out the local Walmart

We try to pack everything we need for traveling, but every now and again, I need to find a local Walmart. We use Parent’s Choice Formula for Landon, which can be found at Walmart. If I run out of formula, I can easily head to Walmart to stock up. You’ll find there are also other Parent’s Choice® baby and toddler products at Walmart. The Parent’s Choice Formula we use is clinically proven to support growth and development. Also, our kids have always tolerated it well and it’s proven that it’s easy to digest. Millions of other babies would have to agree. Parent’s Choice Formula meets the highest quality FDA standards out there. You can easily compare Parent’s Choice Formula to the national brands and it would meet the same standards, it’s just less expensive!

Feeding your baby on the go comes down to listening to cues and knowing when they’re hungry. I like to be prepared in any way possible. How do you maintain a feeding schedule while traveling with your baby?

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