Ingenuity Gentle Automatic Bouncer Whimsical Wonders Review


From the moment a child is born they’re seeking security and like to stay warm and feel movement.  The Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer Whimsical Wonders is a must have.  The Ingenuity Bouncer is the only bouncer that gently bounces your child without their movement or yours.  So when you need a helping hand and have a fussy baby, just lay them down on this bouncer and turn on the gentle bouncing motion and watch their frown turn into a big smile.  The gentle bouncing motion is perfect for little babies and as the child gets a bit older and moves more the motion can be over-rode.  My daughter is 8 months old and she loves this bouncer so much!  She can sit in it for an hour just kicking her legs making it bounce more and more and she is all giggles.  The safety harness ensures your child is buckled in safely and it’s comfortable with adjustable straps so it can grow with your child.


Weighing just 4 lbs this bouncer is very light weight and makes it easy to move it around the home to keep your child close to you.  If you’re taking a trip just pack it in the car and take it with you so you’re child will always feel comfortable.  With an easy to remove toy bar equipped with 2 adorable plush toys (a lion and elephant) your child will love being able to reach and grab this adorable little animals.  I love how vibrant and bold the colors are on this bouncer and love that it can be used for a boy or a girl.  The material is extra soft and the assembly of the bouncer took about 10 minutes which I love.


My daughter is one of those babies that loves being held and hates being sat down, which is hard when I need to get things done around the house.  As soon as I laid Madison down in this bouncer and turned out the soothing music with the gentle bouncing motion she was all giggles and was reaching for the toys and feeling the seat.  I’m pretty sure she loves this bouncer and it’s her new favorite thing in the home.  The Ingenuity bouncer is like no other and is bringing you SoftBeat Rhythms with sweet heartbeat vibrations to help baby feel closer to mommy.  While you’re getting things done let your little one enjoy 30 minutes of continuous automatic bouncing that resembles moms’ soothing movements.  Also featuring 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds with adjustable volumes that are perfect for sleeping babies and active babies.  I don’t know how many times I have used baby items where the music was blaring but this bouncer gets an A+ from this mommy of 3.


You tell me, does she look like she’s loving this new seat?  The Ingenuity Gentle Automatic Bouncer, Whimsical Wonders can be purchased at Walmart for $44.28 + Free in store pickup.  I highly recommend this bouncer for any new parent and it would make an excellent baby shower gift.

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