Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing – Lullaby Leo Review


The brand new Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing in Lullaby Leo Print is going to be a sought after swing for every parent with a little one.  This item is so brand new it hasn’t even hit the stores yet and I got lucky enough to get a sneak peek and try it out with my 9 month old daughter Madison.  Most Baby Swings are bulky, heavy and take up a large amount of spacing but this swing is very different. It’s small, compact, light weight and folds up so that it is able to be stored under furniture.  I love that when Madison isn’t using the swing we can discreetly put it away and bring it out when needed.


My home is filled with baby items and this is by far our favorite so far.  The neutral color tones and pattern go perfect with our home and will look great in any home.  I love that the Lullaby Leo theme is suitable for boys and girls and offers so many added perks other swings don’t have.  Let the little ones enjoy 5 swing speeds to soothe even the fussiest baby.  Since my daughter moves and bounces a lot we put the swing on middle speed and she loves the pace and still allows her to move freely.  The 8 included melodies along with 3 nature sounds are perfect for when baby is relaxing with mom or trying to take a nap during the day.  Plus you’ll love the adjustable volume with 3 timer settings set to 30 minutes, 40 minutes and 60 minutes.  The swing we were using previously had blaring music that we just couldn’t turn down and that was a huge disappointment.  This portable swing has hybridrive technology which makes your batteries last 3 times longer, with an optional plug to save on batteries as well.  I love running this swing on batteries because we can move it freely throughout the house and no have to worry about being near an outlet.


The super soft fabrics will have baby lounging in comfort and their easily removed for easy cleaning.  While baby is lounging while mom and dad are getting things done let them enjoy the removable toybar with 2 adorable plush animals on it which helps with hand/eye coordination.  My husband and I love how quiet this swing is and you can’t even hear when it’s on and in swinging motion.  Suitable for babies newborn to roughly 9 months.  My daughter is 9 months old and weights 19.5 lbs and she fits in it perfectly but she will outgrow it sooner than later.  While I’m folding laundry or blogging away on my computer I have my daughter sitting right next to me swinging in her Ingenuity swing and I love the secured harness system insuring she stays put.  The fastening system for the harness is covered by the soft fabric keeping little ones fingers away from the clip and keeps the clip safe from getting any juice or milk on it.


I love this little swing and it’s perfect for homes, apartments, condos and even RVs.  Being so light weight makes it so easy to pack it up for traveling and taking it to grandmas house for a evening in.  The colors are perfect, the design is unique and it’s a must have for all babies!  It’s so small and compact that it fits perfectly next to my couch without taking up any added room in my living room which I definitely love.  Keep your eyes peeled for when this swing hits the stores because you’re going to want to grab one for your little one or for a baby shower gift.  Just got news the Ingenuity Baby Power Adapt Swing will be released on 6/30 and will be available for just $89.99 at your local Babies R Us.

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4 thoughts on “Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing – Lullaby Leo Review

  1. I just bought this swing today and we can't seem to keep the swing on and keep swinging. Any advice on how to use?
  2. i can't seem to find the manual for this exact swing, i bought it from a second hand store, does the seat lock? The salesgirl showed me it did, but for the life of me I can't make it do that. I'll take any help also the company doesn't carry the manual on their list

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