Ingenuity Washable Play Yard Deluxe in Emerson Review


It’s amazing how many items are must haves for a baby’s first year especially since a baby is so little and acquires so many things.  One of the items I feel is truly necessary for a new baby is a Playard because it has a place for baby to sleep, nap and have their diaper changed.  The Ingenuity Washable Playard Deluxe is a light weight pack n play that can easily be set up anywhere in your home and will provide everything you need for baby.  My daughter Madison actually slept in the bassinet of the pack n play for the first 5 months of her life than we moved her to the bottom of the pack and play and than to get her crib at 8 months of age.  I love how easy the setup was for this pack and play and it can be set up and taken down in a matter of seconds.  The Ingenuity playard is a real space saver because the sleeping area, bassinet and diaper changing area are all compacted into the middle of the playard meaning you don’t have 3 different items set up in your home.


My husband plays adult baseball and it’s so amazing to bring the pack and play with us to the fields and allow my daughter to be safe and secure in her comfortable pack and play.  I don’t have to worry about her being exposed to dirt or grass and she is confined with her toys right next to me for the day.  Once the game is over we fold up the playard and put it right back in the car to take home.  My all time favorite thing about this playard is the whole thing is machine washable, how amazing is that?  Everything can be removed in one minute and thrown in the washing machine and dryer and placed right back on the playard and it will appear brand new all over again. Being able to clean the playard is also great because it helps minimize baby’s exposure to allergens, dirt, dust, spills and more.  Babies are messy and things will get spilled so this is a bonus that’s a must.  This Ingenuity Playard is the only one that features fabric that can be completely removed for cleaning.  Our old pack and play we had to take a damp cloth and wash it since the material was attached to the pack n play.


The colors on the Emerson collection are very neutral making them suitable for a boy and a girl and feature a few adorable jungle animals for baby to focus on while lounging on the bottom.  The bassinet features very soft plush fabric to keep baby comfortable and warm and comes with a removable pillow and 2 mesh breathing areas to ensure baby can breathe properly.  With plenty of room the bassinet can be used with your baby up to the age of 9 months or so depending on height of baby.  The removable bassinet cover is equipped with 2 plush jungle animals to help baby hand/eye coordination and to keep them focused and calm.  While you lay baby down for a nap be sure to turn on the music box that features 5 melodies and 3 nature sounds.  My daughter loves the nature sounds the best and it helps my husband and I get a better night sleep as well because it’s so soothing and relaxing.  The Changing pad cover is the perfect height to change baby without putting strain on your back and can easily be wiped clean if baby has an accident during diaper changes.  When it’s not in use it can easily be pivoted upward to be out of the way, yet still attached.  The tray organizer is so convenient to have and can hold diapers, wipes container, bottles, toys, pacifiers, change of clothes and more.  The options for the toy organizer are endless.  So when you’re shopping for baby you know now what needs to be #1 on your list because this is a definite must have.  The Ingenuity Washable Play Yard Deluxe in Emerson can be purchased for just $179.99 at your local Toys R Us.


The Ingenuity Washable Play Yard with Dream Centre Features:

  • Fabrics easily zip off for machine washing
  • Dream Centre™ features soft fabrics and breathable mesh
  • One Less Step™: quickly fold & go without removing bassinet
  • Just Right Height: Elevated changing table easily pivots out of the way
  • Soothing Sounds Station™: 5 melodies and 3 nature sounds to comfort baby


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