Jamberry Nails Review

jamberry nails

Jamberry nails are the newest rage for nail art lovers.  If you’re tired of paying an excessive amount of money at the nail salon for designer nails, save your time and your money.  There are 100’s of designs to choose from at Jamberry nails and today I’m reviewing the Black and White Skinny and they rocked once they were on.  These nails are said to last up to 10 days and I love that these designs are for all ages girls and women.  The Mommy and me sets are my favorite!!!


Application process of Jamberry nails was simple and I nailed the perfect fit application on my first try.

Start with a clean nail, run nail polish remover over nail

Step 1: Match Jamberry Nail stickers to your current nail by placing them up to your nail

Step 2: Remove one nail from the sheet

Step 3: Hold sticky side of Jamberry nail upward and heat with blow dryer on low for 5 seconds

Step 4: Place on edge of cuticle and stick down

Step 5: Firmly press nail in place and trim off top with nail clippers or scissors

Step 6: In a downward motion use a nail file to smooth out the top of the nail

Step 7: Run blow dryer over nails for 5 seconds

Step 8: Show off those fashionable nails

photo 1 (39)

My thoughts:

The Jamberry Nails are adorable and with so many prints to choose from you’re bound to find a few you LOVE and their great for parties.  I love that I can now use Jamberry Nails to match my outfits and application and removal are so easy.  I have 3 kids and leave a very active lifestyle plus I’m on the computer all the time so my nails only lasted 4 days instead of the suggested 10 but I loved those 4 days and will be applying more nails soon.

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