Lalaloopsy Stretchy Hair Whirly Locks Doll Review

I am a proud member of the Lalaloopsy SIP Sew Important Person group! I received my doll for free to help me conduct this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Lalaloopsy Stretchy Hair Doll

It’s time for another fun review of the newest Lalaloopsy doll to hit the stores near you.  My daughter and I absolutely love Lalaloopsy and there is just something about these dolls that draw you in.  Whether it’s the dolls or the movies or the tv shows on television you’ll always see us sitting down and playing for hours.


The newest Lalaloopsy doll is called Lalaloopsy Stretchy Hair doll and it’s so much fun.  You have your cute Lalaloopsy doll dress up in her girly attire to impress with hair that goes on for days.  Her hair is full of pink and yellow stretchy hair that can be pulled out as far as you wish.  For little hands like my daughters’ the hair doesn’t get stretched to far but when my 5 year old son gets his hands on that doll you can see the true potential.

Lalaloopsy Stretchy Hair Doll hairstyle

Lalaloopsy dolls hair can stretch up to 3x its original length and your little ones can style her hair and wacky and silly as they wish.  Leave it down, curl it, pin it up, do some funky buns and just have some good ol’ fun.  The thing I love about these dolls is you can style her hair as much as you want and when you’re done her hair will go back to normal.


New to the Lalaloopsy world?  Here’s a little bit of information that can be helpful.  Lalaloopsy dolls were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn.  You can see Lalaloopsy dolls in their colorful and silly world that will make even the littlest kid smile.  If you haven’t grabbed one of these dolls yet you definitely need to.  You can grab the newest Stretchy Hair Dolly for just $29.99 in your local stores or on Amazon.

Let your girls’ join in on the fun with their new doll.  Just snap a photo of your little girl and share on social media being sure to use hashtags #StretchAcrossUSA and your state’s name.  You’ll have a chance to be randomly selected to win a customized Lalaloopsy Sugary Sweet prize pack worth $200!  See the full details here.

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