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Benefits of Using the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Salad & Snack Set

Have you ever wanted to make snacking and eating better easier? Now you can with the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Salad & Snack Set. I’m a mom of four on the go a lot. We have school drop off, sports, plus I run several businesses. Being on the go is just a part of my life. I’m okay with that, but I’ve learned how to adapt and make my life a little easier.

It’s leakproof

A lot of times, when I’m on the go, I’ll put containers in my purse or diaper bag. This has been a huge disaster leak wise. However, the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Salad & Snack Set has proven to be leak free and this makes me happy. Hey, mama has to eat too! So many times we’re busy packing for our kids that we forget us. The Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Salad & Snack Set is the perfect snacking tool for mom and dad.

It’s customizable

I think any person can appreciate the fact that the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Salad & Snack Set is customizable. This means that the trays and dividers can help create separate compartments within the container. For those of us who don’t like our food thrown into one major container, this works wonders. I also love that you can pack several different snacks into one container. It’s super safe and easy to use too.

Stain resistant

No matter what you put in the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Salad & Snack Set, it’s stain resistant. The ultra-durable Tritan material keeps the container both stain-free and odor-free. I pack a variety of foods in my container and it has proven to be stain free and odor free.

The next time you are looking for something to pack your delicious snacks or salads in, check out the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Salad & Snack Set.

Here are some tips for packing the best snacks in your container.

  • If no fridge is available – choose dry snacks that store in the heat well. In Cali, you can run into some warm temperatures.
  • Pack the night before – These containers work great for transferring. I pack my snack or salad in the morning and then it’s ready to go the next day. It holds my food well and I don’t have to worry about it spilling or leaking.
  • Enjoy the easiness of it – Some snack containers are not worth the hassle. This isn’t the case with the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Salad & Snack Set. It will change your “on the go” lifestyle for the better!

This kit has been so handy and I’m so excited that I have the opportunity to give one away! Entering is easy and you must be a U.S. Resident to enter to win.  All you have to do is leave a comment below with your favorite snack for on the go and a winner will be chosen on 9/27/17!  Good luck!

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