Lil Waves Beach Pool Review

My family and I live within 1 mile from the beach and we love to go there as much as we can.  With 3 little kids running around sometimes it’s an uneasy feeling with how harsh the under-tow is or how hard the waves are crashing you don’t necessarily want your kids in the water!  Lil Waves Beach Pool is a genius invention to keep kids safe at the beach but still allow them to enjoy that freezing cold, salty water.  Lil Waves Pool is an easy to inflate swimming pool that is meant for the beach.  Just dig a hole in the sand, place the pool over the hole and fill up with water.  This is the perfect way for little ones to enjoy the beach at it’s fullest without their safety being compromised.  Now my husband and I can relax on the sand and have our three children there with us for the entire day.
I received the Beachpool Kit and it has everything you need for the perfect getaway to the beach.  Enjoy the Lil’ Waves Beachpool, Mesh Carrying Bag, Repair Patch and a foot pump.  When I removed this pool from the box I thought it was going to take an hour plus to fill the pool up with air using the foot pump, but truth be told it took a total of 2 minutes and the older boys were able to help as well and thought it was the coolest thing.  So the next time you’re heading to the beach with the family be sure to pack up the beachpool and watch the kiddies have a blast.  My 3 kids aged 4,3 and 9 months fit comfortably in the pool with plenty of room to move around and stretch out.  The Beachpool Kit can be purchased for just $25.95 here.
Features to love:
  • Creates a fun, safe, nurturing environment at the beach.  The top of the pool becomes practically level with the sand which allows your child to interact with the water and sand simultaneously!  This creates a safe way for your child to get in and out, all while able to keep close supervision.
  • A great stepping stone and introduction for young/small children to the ocean.
  • Features a patented design which creates a shallow wading pool that warms up cold ocean water quickly!
  • From set-up to clean up, it encourages family time and interaction for a fun-filled day at the beach!

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